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The Travel Book – Museum for the London Docklands, London, United Kingdom

London has a really rich history and one area that has so much with so many interesting artifacts is the London Docklands. If you get a chance you should really go and learn more about it by visiting the Museum for the London Docklands.

The museum is located in West India Quays the easiest way to get there is the tube I have always gone via the jubilee to the Canary Wharf stop and then walked there which will take about 10 minutes. The museum is enriched with a variety of artifacts and exhibitions that take an in depth look at how the docks transformed London and helped sculpt the capital that we know today.

The museum is home to 10 free galleries including Sailor Town which looks at the docks between 1840-1850, Warehouse of the World which focuses on 1880-1939, Docklands At War which is between 1939-1945 and New Port, New City which looks at the docks up until the present. There are a lot more exhibitions as well and you can find out more by visiting their website. The museum also has different exhibitions at different points of the year as well.

I have been visiting the Museum for the London Docklands for as long as I can remember. I haven’t been that many times bur I know that I went as a kid. The last time I visited was 2017 and it was nice to return after all that time. I still really enjoyed it and still found a lot out in the exhibitions.

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