Into The Archives….

We are currently putting on hold all Show Of The Week articles so instead we are delving into the archives with a few articles every Monday to make up for it. So every Monday we will be sharing a few interviews from our archives for you to read and enjoy – this is everything from the world of improv, to comedy to music. Enjoy.

Game Shows Vs The Comedian – Ask Rhod Gilbert 

These days there are so many gameshows that are hosted by stand up comedians, a few years ago we took a look at jsut a handful at some of these. One of the shows we took a look at was Ask Rhod Gilbert.

 “…in each episode of the show well known television personalities and members of the public asks Rhod and his guests about various topics…”


INTERVIEW: Feel Content With This Brand New Web Series 

At the end of last year Turtle Canyon Comedy launched the web series Content, we sat down and interviewed Creator Yiannis Vassilakis to find out all about it.

“…People can expect comedians like Lou Sanders, Joel Dommett, James Acaster and Evelyn Mok; and also comedians unlike Lou Sanders, Joel Dommett, James Acaster and Evelyn Mok…”



Tidbits with David Escobedo 

We are so lucky to have David Escobedo write articles for us about improv in his strand called Tidbits.

“…Keep your face and hands out to the audience. The face and hands are the most articulate points of the body…”


Read one of his fantastic articles here.







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