Off The Record – Celebrating 50 Years – Back In The USA, MC5

From reading an article on Loudwire, I discovered that a lot of Hard Rock and Metal albums turn 50 years old in 2020! From looking at the list of albums, a lot of them I had never listened to, so to celebrate them turning that age I thought I would do some special versions of this strand throughout the year, so keep an eye out for them! Today we take a look at MC5, Back In The USA


This is a really up tempo song and has an addictive beat that you can’t help but tap a foot along to. The song is home to fantastic guitar solos that really define the world of Rock n Roll and what this genre really was 50 years ago. Listening to songs like Tonight now you can hear how this style influenced so many other bands.

Looking At You

This song relies on a repetitive riff throughout that is sort of like a bassline to the lyrics. The track is broken up throughout with strong prominent drum solo beats and guitar solos which really create a sort of emotion to the song. It is up tempo and keeps pace throughout. You sometimes focus more on the music then the vocalist.

The American Ruse

This song like the ones before it allow the guitar melodies to lead the song and to create the feel of the song. This song has a real dance feel to it and the melodies really give and essence of the era this album was released. The lyrics are interesting to listen to as well.


Back In The USA

The opening of this song I have heard in so many difference songs and it is evident that it is a pure rock n roll track this one and a great way to end the album. The piano throughout the song is what takes this song to a whole new level. A real feel good track that makes you want to dance.

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