Jake The Improviser Month – INTERVIEW – Let’s Talk Youtube and Tik Tok…

All this month I am catching up with Jake who is in the process of creating a new solo hip hop improv show as well as creating social media channels to promote improv.  One thing that plays a huge role in Jakes life is Social Media and in recent months he has set up an Improv Youtube page as well as gained thousands of followers on Tik Tok. I had to find out more.

Now, you have a youtube channel tell us all about it?

My Youtube Channel JAKE THE IMPROVISERis for people who are new improv comedy and want to learn more about the format, learn new and exciting games and a place to document my journey into HIP HOP IMPROV .

What is your plan to do with the website?

The website will be a JAKETHEIMPROVISER hub, showcase my youtube videos, my shows and all other social and my services. Long term I want to get into teaching improv comedy.

How are you finding the transition for doing this for improv instead of your original channel?
YouTube improv content is hard at the moment. I’m not whose line is it anyway production wise. My videos are short informative and first hard experience
You have recently started to do really well on Tik Tok! How did that happen and how does it make you feel?
Tik Tok is my new baby, I’m focusing a lot of time on that as a consumer and content creator at the moment. I’m doubling down on it and focusing on how I’m going to grow an audience.
Trends topics, and a niche always works for me. My Tik tok page is gaming and cosplay content.
To become a social media influenecer online how many videos and content should you be looking at posting every week?
Tik Tok 4 piece a content a day, focusing on trends and what you like. Viewer will sense you being fake.  My Tik Tok is mainly gaming and cosplay content. YouTube videos post twice a week to build a consistent audience.
If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media? or Instagram @JAKETHEIMPROVISER

More from Jake The Improviser next week!

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