The Travel Diaries

The Travel Diaries – Wellington, New Zealand

Wow! That last blog got a little wordy didn’t it! What do you think, more or less words?

Anyway let’s carry on for now. This blog is all about my favourite city in New Zealand. Wellington. Why is it your favourite city I hear you ask. It’s a mixture of the people, the atmosphere, the location and just great memories from the place. It’s hard to say exactly what makes it so great.

Again this is another post about the importance of friends. I was lucky enough to stay with my friend Robert, in his beach side apartment! And I got to hang out with my awesome friends Kiana and Paige. Hanging out with all these amazing people made for another amazing weekend!

Below are some pictures from this trip but also some pictures I have taken at previous times in Wellington. 

Short and sweet. Well done Paul

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