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The Travel Book – Teleférico do Funchal, Madeira

When you go abroad to a new destination you automatically look for somewhere that can give you good height for views. With an island like Madeira, you are always on the lookout for viewing platforms because it is such an interesting landscape being an island that you want to see it from all possible angles.

cable car 1Teleférico do Funchal is the cable car in Madeira, it is located in the city centre of Funchal. Whilst the cable car is there to view the scenery of Garden City, it is also there as an access to the top of Funchal which is home to Monte Palace Tropical Garden, Church of Our Lady of the Mount, Fountain if the Virgin and Monte Municipal park. The cable car reaches the heights of 3200 meters.

The cable car is usually open daily between 9am – 5:45pm, it is usually open everyday of year apart from one day which I am guessing is Christmas (it doesn’t say). The journey upwards is between 15-20 minutes. It costs 16 euros for adults and 14 euros for concessions.

I went up the cable care when we went to Madeira in 2015. It was an amazing way to see the views and try and go up there on a clear day. If you suffer from vertigo then do not go on this cable car as it foes really high and slightly moves. If you want to visit Monte then you can always get a bus!

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