In The Games Corner – Awesome Possum….Kicks Dr Machino’s Butt, Sega Megadrive

Today we look a game where it was criticised by players because of it’s ridiculous name and the fact that the hero was a bit of a silly choice to defeat such hefty villains. Awesome Possum….Kicks Dr Machino’s Butt was a video game created for the Sega Megadrive, it was released on the 25th November 1993. The game was published and developed by Tengen.

The platform game is based around the plot that the mad scientist Dr Machino has decided he wants to take over the world and to do this he sends his evil robots to pollute the Earth. There are many villains that have been released including Killer Bee and Rad Rhino.

Throughout the game you are welcomed to four worlds which has 13 levels plus 12 bonus rounds. The game has an underlying environmental activism to it. In each level you have to collect empty bottles and cans. If you answer questions throughout about the Environment you earn extra bonus points.

In 1999 the game was faced with a lawsuit as it was charged with copyright infringement, however the lawsuit lacked evidence so was acquitted.

The game was welcomed with average review ratings and was praised for its sound and its speed. The game was criticised for it’s quality of graphics.

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