28 Days later: In Lockdown (Week 4)

Wow can you believe the mandatory 28 day lockdown period is finally over in New Zealand. Neither can I! Well neither can the Government actually because they have extended it. Another week of level 4 lockdown and then at least 2 weeks of level 3. What does this mean I hear you ask dear reader. Will this 28 days blog still continue. Well I guess that’s up to you. Let me know if you want to keep hearing about my boring routine and the descent in to madness that is my life. Sent me a message, comment on facebook, write a letter, I don’t know. Just let me know what you think and if you want to read more.

Day 22 – Veggie Curry

I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I mean I really didn’t want to. Not at all. I was stuck. I tried so many times to get up. I finally did. I exercised then showered. Watched some Youtube and called my mum over breakfast. Time for work. I wash walnuts. Dry walnuts. Move walnuts. Eat walnuts. Dream walnuts. Yes you’re right. I’m getting a bit fed up. Lunch time. I sit in the sun with my family. But I’m too early, they aren’ ready. So I eat alone. I make tea and sit with them while they eat. We chat. Guitar lesson. I’m not really feeling it today but I do my 30mins. Time to post my blog from week 3. Is anyone even reading these at this point. I doubt it. I start work on a painting of Spider-Man but I need to wait for some paint to dry so I do a drawing for a challenge Paige and her cousins set me. To draw a Disney character. I tried to argue that Spider-Man was Disney but they wouldn’t have it. So I’m drawing Timone and Pumbaa. It turns out pretty good. I finish off Spidey and I’m pretty happy with it. I finish last weeks blog and publish it. I feel so tired for no reason. I’m going to read for a bit before dinner. I need to do some more editing. I want to get this project finished. Turns out I didn’t edit or read. I just didn’t have the energy so I made dinner. Watched Avengers Endgame and went to bed

Film – Avengers: Endgame. What an amazing conclusion to an amazing series of films. I still get teary watching this back. I can’t believe how good this film is.
Music – Nothing But Thieves – Broken Machine
Podcast – Do Go On Ep 15 The Spic Girls and Ep 13 Queen Elizabeth II

Day 23 – Homemade Pizza

2 Baby Yoda Painting

Again I didn’t want to get out of bed. I finished my first roll of toilet paper after 3 weeks. Why do people use so much? Why did people hoard so much? Run. 7.6km. Shower. Call Mum and Dad. Time for work. It’s raining a little and I’m not looking forward to standing in the rain sorting walnuts. Luckily the rain stops and it’s ok. I put a load of washing on and make some guacamole for lunch. I add it to a wrap and some corn chips. A nice lunch today. I get distracted watching photographers on youtube who I wish I was. I paint baby Yoda for Paige and it turns out pretty well. I keep thinking about this editing project I want to try. I hope it turns out well. Guitar time. I’m struggling today so I give up. I switch to editing which is actually going pretty well. Hope it turns out well. I’m eating with my family tonight so I have some time to kill before dinner. Not sure what to do. I do my remaining exercise for the day and wash up. Tired. Fed up. Everyday is the same but it seems to be going by fast and slow at the same time. I watch the final episode of season 1 of You with Paige. Still waiting for dinner. Wilma isn’t feeling well so she doesn’t have dinner with us. The pizza is nice. I get back to my place and play guitar then read in bed. Sleep.

Film – No film. I know it’s madness
Music – Ben Howard – Old Pine
Podcast – Do Go On Ep 12 – McDonald’s and Ep 11 The Back To the Future trilogy

Day 24 – Leftover Veggie Curry

Can’t get out of bed. It’s raining. I eventually get up, exercise and shower. Make tea and call mum and dad. It’s still raining but I head out to work anyway. I do what I can indoors until the rain stops and I head out to wash more walnuts. Lunch time. My speaker laptop situation is getting very frustrating. I threw the speaker on the floor. Even though I actually think the laptop is the problem. What an idiot. I watch Rick and Morty whilst I eat to try and distract myself and it works mostly. Guitar lesson. Finger picking is fun. My drawing today is Spider-Gwen. I remember seeing this costume and character first appear in a Spider-Verse tie in comic and was blown away by how cool it is. Then it was introduced in the Into the Spider-verse film and everyone fell in love with the character and the costume. Time to get some more of this editing done. It’s looking pretty good so far. The first edit is complete and it makes me smile. Just waiting for a song from Josh and possibly adding a voice over. We’ll see about that. I want to watch Spider-Man: Far From Home to complete my MCU watch but I can’t find it anywhere!! I will keep looking. Maybe I’ll watch another film instead. A non MCU film! Is there such a thing? I make tea to calm myself down. And read for a bit. Dinner time. Leftovers. It’s weird not having a film already picked out for me. I feel a little lost. I watch Sonic the Hedgehog. The new one from last year. It’s alright. Better than I expected. I still feel lost. I go for a little walk in the dark and look at the stars before bed. It’s so peaceful and still. Imagine if you could visit all those stars. Or even one of them. I wonder what you would see. What you would experience. How it would feel. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Film – Sonic The Hedgehog. Thank god for the redesign. Imagine if Sonic had looked that weird for the whole film! The film overall was alright. Nothing special but worth a watch.
Music – Radiohead – Nude
Podcast – Do Go On Ep 234 Andrew Thornton and the Cocaine Bear and 194 The Race Around the world with Nellie Bly (and other adventures)

Day 25 – More leftover Veggie Curry.


Getting out of bed is hard. I feel like I say that everyday. Get up. Exercise. Meant to be running with Thijs so wait for him. While I’m waiting I join a video call with my Badminton friends from England. It’s great to see them all again! They all comment on my beard. I think they are impressed. Thijs has hurt is leg so I go running alone. The badminton lot were talking about running so I decided to try my hardest so I could send them my run and show off. I run a pretty impressive 5km. Shower. Breakfast. Call mum and Dad. Brush teeth. More exercise. Off to work. We are almost at the end of the harvest so I finish around 11. I’ve done all I can today. Off to the shops to get some groceries. I’m enjoying cycling to and from the shop. Haven’t driven a car since I left Auckland. Damn the wind is strong today. Lunchtime. Guitar lesson. Feel like I’m getting somewhere again. It’s fun. The sun is lovely today but I can’t sit outside. It’s too windy. I’m trying something different for my painting today. A landscape/star wars mashup based on a few things I’ve seen online. Wish me luck. It turns out alright. Not amazing. But alright. Time to read. I make tea and eat my twix whilst sitting on the sofa and reading. It’s nice. Thijs comes over and invites me to play Kub with him. He wins. I played terribly. Time to do a little editing before dinner. I’ve done all I can at the moment. Time for dinner. More leftovers. Finally have Spider-Man: Far from home so I start watching that with dinner. I go round to see my family to show them a video I made about my adventure at Christmas. Time for bed.

Film – Spider-Man: Far From Home. I can’t believe I made it to the end. Only a day or two late. I can’t believe I broke my streak. Oh well. This movie is great though. Gyllenhaal is amazing as Mysterio
Music – Editors – All Sparks
Podcast – Do Go On Ep 23 – Alan Rickman: Master Movie Villain and 19 Bonnie and Clyde

Day 26 – Spinach and Cheese Tortellini and Veggies.

Can’t get up. Won’t get up. Why are exercises so hard straight out of bed. Urgh! Shower. Tea. Need tea. Must have tea. Call Ulrike. Have a nice chat. Mostly about books. Less about the state of the world. Try to call Lauren. She’s watching a film. Agree to call her tomorrow. Call Mum and Dad. Have another nice chat. Time for work. It’s sunny. I listen to Do Go On and laugh. I owe so much to that podcast. It always cheers me up. Lunch time. Salad wrap with boiled eggs. More tea. More exercise. Guitar lesson. All the saints come marching in. What should I draw today? Batman? Boba Fett? Maybe Scott Pilgrim? I need more ideas. What’s for dinner? Don’t get ahead of yourself Paul. Back to the drawing. First, time for more tea. My drawing today turns out pretty good. A drawing of Scott Pilgrim. Work on some blog ideas for a friend and think about what the future might be. I keep trying to motivate myself to look for a job. Start learning new skills. Editing new projects. Writing new blogs. Posting more photos on Instagram. Just doing something. But my motivation is seriously lacking. I’m struggling. I try and do all of the above. And fail. I sit and stare. Stare at my computer. Stare out the window. Try and motivate myself. But I can’t. I don’t like this notebook. Apparently we will be in level 4 lockdown for another week and then level 3 for at least 2 weeks. I read instead of doing anything on my list. This book is so good! I put on the Thrills and make dinner. Which you already know what it is. That’s if you read today’s title. But if you got this far without reading the title. There is something very wrong with you. I eat and watch the rest of Spider-Man. Watch an episode of You with Paige. Listen to Pink Floyd. Read. Bed.

Film – Spider-Man: Far From Home. Finally finished the MCU. Can’t wait to see what happens next with their films. The ones they have announced sounds awesome!
Music – Michael Kiwanuka – Cold Little Heart
Podcast – Do Go on Ep 18 Tattoos and Ep 17 Lefthanded-ness

Day 27 – Leftover Tortellini

Wake up. Don’t want to get up. Get up. Run. 10km. Shower. Call Mum and Dad. Call Lauren and Jonathan. It’s nice to talk to them all. But it does make me feel more lonely. Go to work. It’s so sunny today. Such a beautiful day to be outside. Finish work. Lunch. Go and see my aunt and uncle and chat for a minute. I want to be outside. Think I will read straight after my guitar lesson so I can sit in the sun before it gets cold. Firstly. Guitar lesson. Josh sends me the song I need for my edit. It’s so good. I can’t wait to use it. It’s too nice to sit inside so I go outside to read. Thijs wants to play Kub. Why not? He wins again. Reading in the sun makes up for the loss. What should I draw today. Paige suggests to draw my favourite film. When I get back inside I research Blade Runner paintings and make tea. I paint a Japanese style landscape instead. Time to edit that song in to the video I’m making. It looks awesome. It’s coming together nicely. Dinner time comes around quick. I’m hungry today. Rick and Morty is my entertainment for dinner tonight. Watch an episode of You with Paige. Watch Code 8 on Netflix. Dose off a little. Time for bed I think. I don’t remember the end of that film.

Film – Code 8. Pretty good for a low budget super hero film. Has some cool ideas and a little different to normal.
Music – Pink Floyd – Shine on you crazy diamond, Pt1-5
Podcast – The Weekly Planet Ep 331 Superhero Showdown 7 and Do Go On Ep 134 Agrippina the Younger

Day 28 – Veggie Stir Fry

Wake up. Lay in bed for ages. Get up. Exercise. Shower. Call Saga. Talk about mash potatoes. Languages. Mitt namn ä Paul. Call Mum and Dad. Off to work. Another motor is playing up so I don’t have much to do. Keep myself busy. Lunch time. Salad wrap with boiled eggs. Sit with my family in the sun. Need to go to the shop but can’t be bothered. It can wait. Guitar lesson in the sun. I practice switching between chords for a while without looking at my hand. It’s good practice. The sun is still shining so I sit for a while and read. My phone is on charge inside and it’s nice to be distraction free. It’s hard to record a voice over for this project. I’m not sure exactly what I want to say. And there is so much noise around. Wilma on the lawnmower. Nelson on the tractor. I have an idea for a painting. Similar to yesterdays. But today’s is a cityscape with a Spider-Man thrown in for fun. I’m never good drawing straight out of my brain. Not copying something is what I mean. But this turns out ok. Try again at recording the voiceover. Try adding it to the edit. Not sure about the result. But I will see what other people think. Dinner time. Whilst cooking I listen to Frank Turner and dance and sing. Veggie stir fry with satay sauce, aduki beans and noodles. I watch the end of Code 8 again. As I feel asleep and don’t remember what happened last night. Time to wash up. Time to put Frank Turner back on. I watch an episode of You with Paige and then it’s film time. Doctor Sleep. The 2019 follow up to The Shining. It’s 3 hours long! So I only watch 2/3s of it. It’s pretty good so far. Leans a lot more in to the whole powers things. I’lll give a full round up tomorrow. Time for bed. Quickly send the video to Ollie. My secret project was a video of our trip together for my 30th Birthday. Hopefully he likes it.

Film – Doctor Sleep. Interesting sequel to a film that came out a long time ago. Pretty good so far but will give a proper review tomorrow
Music – Frank Turner – Four Simple Words
Podcast – Do Go On Ep 133 – The Axeman of New Orleans and 132 – The Drowning of Natalie Wood

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