The 30 Day Book Challenge! – Day 25: A Character Who You Can Relate To The Most

Welcome to a brand new feature that is going to run for this month – this April we are going to celebrate the world of Books! The last few weeks and months we have all been part of a weird world to say the least so this month we thought it would be nice to talk about something that allows you to escape even if it just for a chapter at a time. So this month we are taking on the 30 Day Book Challenge and looking at a different topic each day, enjoy!

30 day book challenge

Day 25: A Character Who You Can Relate To The Most
NAME OF BOOK:  Various 

This is a hard question for me as my mind automatically jumps to Bridget Jones but because I have spoken about her a lot already on this challenge so wanted to mix it up a bit. So I decided to approach this question differently, instead of just choosing one character from one book, I decided to choose various characters from various books that have elements I can relate to – enjoy.

Bridget Jones, Bridget Jones Diary, Helen Fielding – OK, I had to include Bridget because I always feel like her relate to her a lot in regards to the fact I work in TV, used to keep a diary and I am very similar to her personality (although I don’t smoke and drink that much). I feel I can relate to her a lot – her out look on life, her love life, career its all very similar.

Tigger, Winnie The Pooh, A.A.Milne – I feel like I have a very similar energy to Tigger because he always looks at the brighter side to life and is always optimistic finding good out of any situation. In life I always aim to be this positive sort of energy, I do find that just like Tigger, when things seem that you can’t be positive about it I can find it hard to handle.

Fixie, I Owe You One, Sophie Kinsella – I recently just read this book by Sophie Kinsella and the main character makes it her mission to fix things. When it comes to technical things I always try and find a solution and if I cannot find one it frustrates me.

Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone, JK Rowling – Ok, so I can’t do magic, lecture you on how to really pronounce Wingardium Leviosa but I can relate to Hermoine Granger in the first book. Back in school I used to have really curly unruly hair that before straightners was a nightmare to control. I also used to aim to try and do as well as I could in class. I have always been person that doesn’t like clicks and like being an individual which is why I feel I have things in comparison to her.

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