Improv Corner – Think Before You Drink

I was reading an interview with an act recently and they mentioned they never drink alcohol before they go on stage. This got me thinking that actually, this is a really interesting topic to talk about.

I think the best was to look at this is from the perspective of myself. I don’t drink at the best of times and I think I have only drunk once before going on stage to do a show. The main reason for drinking before going on stage is a bit of a long story but in some ways it was interesting to see how it effected my improv.

Whilst it didn’t effect my improv too much as I only had a small amount ( i think it was a one shot JD and coke) I didn’t actually like the fact that alcohol could effect my choices and decisions in how I play a scene and spent more time lost in my thoughts because of that panic then the actual alcohol. After that experience I don’t drink before I go on stage because of that, I didn’t like the anxiety.

 I like staying fresh minded on stage and making sure you are clear of alcohol means that you are free to decide what your brain chooses and not what it dictates to you because of drink.

Now, I am not using this article to preach, everyone is different in the way they deal with nerves, some people do it for courage which I totally understand. However, I think it is important to highlight because everyone is different and if your teammate doesn’t want wine, beer or a spirit before a show – respect that choice.

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