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The Travel Book – Arcachon, France

When people go to France, a lot of the time people head to the South for the beaches but there is a place in South Western France where residents of the country go on holiday and it may be somewhere that you might be interested in – Arcachon.

archachon 2

Archachon is a seaside resort town and the easiest way to get their from the UK is by flying into Bordeaux and getting the train down to the town which is about an hour away. It is located in the Londes Forest which is the biggest man made woodland in Western Europe. Archachon is home to a sandy beach and also just outside town there is the worlds largest Sand Dune called Dune du Pilat. Sadly, the time that we were there one of us got ill and had to cancel the day that we had planned to go there.

However, there is a lot of other things in the town to see, some of the highlights include Parc Mauresque, a lovely little park to explore at the top of the town, Observatoire Sante Cecile which is a viewing point made from the same designer of the Eiffel Tower  and Ile Aux Oiseaux which is the home of oysters. The town is quaint and there is a lot of boutique shops you can walk about too.

archachon 3


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