The 30 Day Book Challenge! – Day 1 – Best Book You Read Last Year

Welcome to a brand new feature that is going to run for this month – this April we are going to celebrate the world of Books! The last few weeks and months we have all been part of a weird world to say the least so this month we thought it would be nice to talk about something that allows you to escape even if it just for a chapter at a time. So this month we are taking on the 30 Day Book Challenge and looking at a different topic each day, enjoy!

30 day book challenge

Day 1 – Best Book You Read Last Year
NAME OF BOOK: You, Caroline Kepnes 

Book_cover_of_Kepnes's_2014_novel__You_Like a lot of people, when Netflix released You, I was intrigued to watch it. It took me a while to decide to do it but I was seeing the amount of coverage that it was getting and didn’t read any of it but saved them as links to go back to once I watched the show. I then watched the first episode and just like everyone else I became addicted. I binge watched the whole show in 2-3 days and whilst I thought it was like Gossip Girl on steroids, I really liked the show and felt that Penn Badgely brought the character to life.

When I found out that the show was based on a book I felt it was only right to read that as well. I am an avid reader and I was going through a stage of reading nothing but factual so it was the perfect time to read something of fiction. Also even though parts of the story are gruesome, I was aware of what was coming because I had seen the show.

There is a lot of differences between the book and the show but that is not a bad thing in fact it is really interesting to see how the show changed parts of it. The book I found creepier then the show because unlike the television show the whole narrative is from the eyes of Joe and it feels like it makes it more sinister. Even though it is dark it also is like a drug that reels you in because the more you read, the more you want to turn the page.

I read this book so quickly, it consumed me, it was written so well and I read it within two days. I can totally understand why it has had the reception that it has as it is so well written. There are a lot of parts in the book that I prefer a lot more then the show. Whilst you can get away by watching the show without reading the book, by making the effort to read the book you learn a lot more about the characters which make parts of the story make so much sense.

It was the first thing I thought about when I woke up and and the last thing I saw before I went to sleep. I even went on a mad hunt to find the sequel book – which last year wasn’t actually that easy to find because Netflix had not released season 2 yet.

If you want a book to read that will allow you to escape then I highly recommend this book but it is dark, it is about murder and stalking so keep that in mind.


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