Media Madness – This Week – What To Watch Next?

Due to the popularity of Question Roulette the past few years, I thought it was time to jump to another book with lots of questions. This time the book is called Music Madness Mayhem – the book covers everything from film, television, music, and much more! So every week we will be covering questions from the book until we run out! I am not going to number them this time as I am going to be doing the book in a random order!

Topic of the Week –  What To Watch Next?

There are so many films out there and so little time that I have to actually sit down there and watch them. Well, today I thought I would look at a few of the films that I really want to watch, some of them have only recently been in the cinemas and others have been out for years. So let’s have a look at films that I can’t wait to watch next, when I have the time (or when they have been released).

Spiderman: Far From Home

I have always liked Spiderman films but it took me a long time to watch the Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland versions as I really liked the Toby Maguire films (apart from three…. does anyone actually LIKE three?!). Also I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch Uncle Ben die again and again and again. However, when I did start watching Andrew Garfields versions I really enjoyed them, then Marvel happened and I was again stubborn to watch Tom Holland’s versions. Then I did and I adored it, the humour, the completely different spin on it, great film, great character. This Spiderman I haven’t seen and I really want to but again it is just finding the time.

Shaun the Sheep 2

I am a huge stop animation fan and Aardman Animations have been a company that I have followed and adored since I was a kid. The character Shaun the Sheep I have always loved, right from A Close Shave, and since they released a television show I have always watched every show that has happened. It is such a jolly and uplifting little show. I really enjoyed the first film so it only makes sense I want to see the second one.

Impractical Jokers: The Movie

Impractical Jokers is such a fun television show, there are so many episodes that make me laugh out loud and it is such a simple concept but it works so well. Murr, Joe, Q and Sal are friends from school and they do lots of challenges to embarrass each other based off improvised results and whoever is the loser has to do the punishment at the end. When they announced they were going to do a film I was uncertain as to whether it would work and still not sure as I haven’t seen it yet as it has only just been released in the US but I would like to see it.

Minions 2

I am a huge fan of Despicable Me, The Minions and Gru and when I first discovered this year that there was going to be another Minion film I was super excited. Then I saw the trailer and it made me even more happy as it is all about young Gru so yes I am very excited for this to come out at some point in the future!


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