Improv Corner – Embrace “Boring” Suggestions…

When you start doing shows on a regular basis you notice that you end up getting or you can receive the same suggestions over and over again. You can get the same word, such as pineapple on repeat and as improvisers it is so easy to reject suggestions – but before you do that, here are a few hints and tips that can help you out:

Don’t want that suggestion? Throw it out there! – As a group you may be really bored of getting the same suggestions over and over again and you really don’t want to play them anymore, Why not throw it out there straight away. When you ask for a suggestion say as an example the ones that you don’t want then the audience won’t suggest it.

Take the suggestion and remix it – You get a suggestion that you always receive, why not take it and remix it into something you have never done before! Yes, you have had a pineapple so many times but there are 1,001 things you can do with a pineapple, you just have to be imaginative!

All audiences are different! – This is one that is really important to highlight – whilst you may have done a scene about a pineapple to death, the audience in front of you is more then likely brand new to your show and they haven’t seen this pineapple suggestion before. They don’t know how your scene plays out and if the suggestions is theirs, they are going to be excited you chose it and to see it in play.

So there you have it, a few ideas for you the next time you get a spatula!

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