The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Ibis, Greenwich, London

Let’s be honest, the O2 Arena is in a difficult location to get back and forth from and sometimes you don’t want to rush for the tube or the boat to get home. The O2 Arena is a huge arena and even if you leave early it can sometimes feel like a huge and long walk to the transport in the first place. So instead of rushing and trying to get out there for the last train why not stay at a hotel which is easy to get to….well the Ibis in Greenwich may be your option.

The hotel is located just off the high street which is a 5-10 minute walk from the train and tube station. The Ibis is very reasonably priced to stay in and the rooms are a nice size and also quiet at night even though it is right next to the high street. Unlike most hotels, the rooms do not have phones, instead to communicate with the staff for any of your needs you use a Whatsapp number that they provide in each room.

The hotel is close to a bus that goes directly to the O2 Arena and takes no more then 15 minutes. Also the best thing is the bus is 24 hours so you don’t have to rush out of the concert halfway through the last song, instead you can enjoy the whole show.

The Ibis is also attached to a Cafe Rouge and upon booking you can buy breakfast which is from this restaurant, even if you do not book it in your hotel room request you can still purchase food in the morning.

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