Improv Diaries – Phoenix Live, Cups and Lager… [ Case Study: Neil Morrissey ]

This week saw The Phoenix Remix Live return to Hoopla Impro at the Miller with a space themed show with a variety of acts performing everything from stand up comedy to improv all to raise money for the Douglas Bader Foundation.

phoenix remix live march

The beginning of the week saw the news of Coronavirus start to increase in cases in the UK so I was very worried about holding the show but we went ahead with it and made sure that no-one made contact on greeting and throughout the show. Although like all comedy, it was the topic of the few of the sets because that is how British deal with fear and panic, they joke about it.

All in all, it was a fun night and raised a nice amount for the charity which is great, considering that we sold out online but our numbers on the night were not as huge as we were expecting because of everything happening it is still great the amount we made and I thank all acts and people that were part of the night.


The Phoenix Players also had a fun night as we debuted a brand new concept that we are very excited about and it went down so well which is fantastic news. Considering it was the first time we performed it we were very happy with the response and we had so much fun on stage. Of course like any new show there were a couple of glitches but this time it was nothing major and most of the time caused by me picking the wrong cup for certain parts of the show ( yes we have cups and they all do special things).

So all in all it was a good week! The Phoenix Remix is set to return on May the 12th so keep an eye out for news as to who is set to appear!

Case Study – Neil Morrisey 

Now, in this day and age, I can imagine a lot of people having issues with the television sitcom Men Behaving Badly but I grew up with it and I decided to rewatch it recently and it still makes me laugh out loud, like full laughter that a lot of comedies these days fail to do. OK, lets be honest it isn’t the best television show in the way that they treat women (especially Gary) but that is not why I like this show. I adore it because of the silliness and the lads relationship there are so many goofy moments that it always makes me laugh. Especially the dancing, it makes me crack up everytime.

Anyway, in our show this week I had to pretend to be a huge human size can of lager and because I was a talking rolo in the scene prior to this one I felt that I needed to speak. So i entered the scene as a lager and didn’t speak for a long time and just made this funny face to the audience and then in the scene I get given to one of the Players as a gift and I felt I needed to speak and decided to make it the most laddish I could possibly make it and decided to channel my Inner Tony and mirror Neil Morrissey’s character in the show.

The audience or the player was not expecting it and it made the audience laugh out loud as well as the player (everytime I looked at them they were trying to hold a laugh in). It was so fun to play a character that I do not normally play and it is nice to see characters I am enjoying watching at the moment helped with my improv.

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