The Phoenix Remix In Space – The Music Playlist

At the Phoenix Remix Live, we made sure that all of the music that was played in the breaks and when the audience walked in was relevant to articles on the website, and the theme of the show. For all those that were at the event I said I would post an article with a list of songs that played so that they can refer back to them. Also, for those who could not make the event, I thought it would be good for you to also maybe find new music or even discover an article you may not of read yet.

Calvin Harris – Stars Come Out

I think this is such an underrated song by Calvin Harris song and I wanted to have some dance tracks on the playlist that talk about space and this is one of those songs! The whole aim of Off The Record is an article where we like to write about songs that you may not of heard about and this particular song I feel represents this.

Kids In Glass Houses – Not In This World 

The whole theme of this months show was all about looking at themes of the future and things that are ‘not in this world’. I really like this song and I think that it fitted perfectly in the theme of the show.

Katy Perry  – E.T

It has been a big month for Katy Perry with new music being released with the big announcement of being pregnant, so what better way to celebrate that then putting some of her music in the show. Also E.T may be the name of a much loved Sci Fi film but it also is a very interesting song with a very effective music video.

Blink-182: Aliens Exist

I mean you cannot have a space themed show and not include this song. We have spoken alot about Blink-182 on this website and this song is one of the tracks that was on the album that lead to them hitting the big time. It is also a song that has ended up following Tom Delonge around and lead to what has done with AVA and To The Stars (more below)

Amazons – Doubt It

The song Doubt It comes from the Amazons album Future Dust which I thought had quite a nice futuristic name to it so I decided to add it to the playlist. Also, back in July last year we reviewed this album and you can read our Off The Record article here.

 Nicki Minaj – Starships

This song is such a great dance track and is has a fun little video that is both modern and nostalgic at the same time as the starship that is used in the video feels like the nineties airships that were used back then to connote the future.

Alkaline Trio – Armageddon

On the Phoenix Remix we had just finished a Magic of The Music Video month featuring Alkaline Trio and whilst this song doesn’t appear as a feature, it is still nice to add them to the list, also it is the name of a very popular sci-fi film! To read about a music video that we did feature that has a futuristic feel then click here. 

Prodigy – Outta Space

It marks just over a year since The Prodigy frontman sadly passed away and what better way to remember his talent then by playing one of their much loved songs. This song also is themed all about Space and I felt it fitted perfectly with the theme of the show.

Cobra Starship – Guilty Pleasure

The only real reason that I put Cobra Starhip on the playlist is because of their name as it has a great space themed title to it. Also I like this song and it is quite dancy so there you go!

Angels and Airwaves – The Adventure

Like I said before we will get onto Tom Delonge later but Angels and Airwaves as a band focus and theme themselves on the ideology of space and if you look at any of their album art, listen to their music or even watch the film that they have scored you will know that this is a really strong theme as this music video demonstrates.

Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow

The Klaxons I found were always a random band and they always had really unusual music videos and graphics for albums. However, the one thing they stood out on was the fact their music was really catchy and that is why I really enjoyed their songs.

Muse – Space Dementia

If there is one band that I automatically think of when I think of space, future and new technology, it is Muse. They are a band that have a lot of space themed music, videos and lyrics and to an extent their sound so I had to include them in the show! I love this song and felt it worked with the theme perfectly!

Tom Delonge – The Invisible Parade

When I decided to have a show that was all about the world of the future, technology and AI there was only one person that I wanted to include in the playlists and you will see that they are mentioned a lot in different forms throughout this list. In the past year Tom DeLonge’s comapny To The Stars has made the headlines time and time again for the research and development they are doing around the world of UFOs. You can find out more about it by clicking here 



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