Off The Record – Celebrating 50 Years – Easy Action, Alice Cooper

From reading an article on Loudwire, I discovered that a lot of Hard Rock and Metal albums turn 50 years old in 2020! From looking at the list of albums, a lot of them I had never listened to, so to celebrate them turning that age I thought I would do some special versions of this strand throughout the year, so keep an eye out for them! Today we take a look at Alice Cooper, Easy Action 

Mr and Misdemeanour

This is quite a jolly song to start an album. With and has a great seventies feel about it. The drum beat and piano sort of feel like they take centre stage on this track and it’s a really nice contrast. Throughout the song there are some really great musical interludes that highlight both these instruments. It is a fun track and shows a side of Alice Cooper I personally haven’t heard before considering I have only heard a couple of tracks.

Still No Air

This song starts off with a really interesting mix of bass and guitar that keep stopping ever so often which creates an interesting break in the song that makes it different to listen to. Also after the first verse the song goes quite messy, the guitars go all over the place, there is a lot of random pauses and random sayings by Alice Cooper. Not really how to explain it apart from experimental and surreal – give it a listen you will understand what I mean. I think it definitely highlights just how unique of talent humans his band are.

Return of The Spiders

For someone who predominantly listens to punk rock style music i hear the real roots of UK punk in this song as the drums reflect the stylings and the impact in which bands such as Sex Pistols and The Clash were doing. The drums and guitar take the lead in this song and it is a delight to hear it reflects to me what the 70s music was about and you can imagine how good it would of been to hear this song live.

Laughing At Me

This takes a different turn to a lot of the album and again reflects the stylings of the first song on the track. It is a lot more mellow and focuses on the lyrics is more prominent then the other songs thus far. The guitar melodies are therapeutic and take you on a journey throughout the song.

Lay down and die, Goodbye

The song starts with a strong spoken word part by Alice then goes into this really interestibg mix of guitar solos again over a strong and bold drum beat. The guitars go very surreal again and sort of do a messy transition which works so well for this style of rock. This song is all about the instruments and it is such a clever way to end an album.

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