The Phoenix Remix Live! – INTERVIEW – Alexander Fox

On the 10 March,The Phoenix Remix is returning to Hoopla Impro, The Miller, London Bridge and over the next week we sit down with some of the acts that are performing at the show to find out more about them and what they have in store for the audience. Today we talk to Alexander Fox.

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Hello Alex tell us about yourself and three unknown facts!

Hi, I’m Alexander. I’m a writer, comedian and improviser. I’ve taken two solo shows, ‘Ringo’ and ‘Snare’, to the Edinburgh Fringe, and I’m also co-creator of Fringe cult favourites ‘Shaken Not Stirred: The Improvised James Bond Film’. Three unknown facts? Ok! One: I was once accidentally caught up in gangland warfare in South London and was taken hostage by a man with a machete for 20 minutes, before slipping out a side door. Two: my arm span (prodigious) is greater than my height. Three: when I was 16, I played one song on the drums for Paloma Faith when her drummer didn’t turn up.



You are performing at the Phoenix Remix Live how are you feeling about it?

I’m supremely confident. But then again, it’s 12.30am, I’ve just had two cups of coffee, and I’m sitting down to watch at least two episodes of Better Call Saul, so I wouldn’t trust my judgement to be honest.


What do you have in store for the audience as part of your set?

I can’t be any more honest than when I say – I’ve not done anything like what I’ll be doing there before.


Why did you decide to do the show?

Holly seems like a really switched-on but genuinely friendly person, which is a big plus in this hobby-industry. Also, I love me a charity night.



What are some of your favourite parts of the Phoenix Remix website and why?

It’s genuinely commendable the Phoenix Remix devotes so much space to improv, which is a burgeoning genre in this country but needs more critical respect. Almost every single US star comedian has had an improv background – Robin Williams, Tina Fey, Bill Murray, Will Ferrell, Steve Martin, etc – whereas in the UK it’s still seen as a ‘doss’. As someone who does improv and ‘proper’ comedy regularly, the former definitely requires more skill and work to maintain a high level. That the Remix commits to reviewing improv right alongside other comedy is a step in the right direction.


This months show is all about the future, technology and space. What would be your dream gadget that you are still waiting to be invented?

A method by which I can spy on my friends and hear who’s chatting sh*t about me behind my back. A hidden microphone? A secret wire? A wiretap! Yes that’s it, I should wiretap all my friends and loved ones! Nice one, cheers.


The show is also raising money for the Douglas Bader Foundation – why should people donate?

Sir Douglas Bader was a tremendously brave man who showed that setbacks are only what you make of them. I remember really enjoying the film about him, ‘Reach for the Sky’, as a nipper. His foundation does excellent work helping people with all manner of disabilities, and so deserve a donation without question.


If people want to find out more about you where can they find you on social media?

If people want to find out more – and after this scintillating badinage surely they must – I’m addicted to Twitter and can be found @AlexanderFoxEtc. I also have a Facebook page, Alexander Fox Comedy, where they can track me down for other shows, gigs, weddings and children’s parties.


Finally in three Words why people should come to phoenix remix Live?

Comedy. Charity. …Carolling?


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