The Travel Book – INTERVIEW – Meet Travel Photographer Paul Blayney

This week we have a very special edition of The Travel Book for you as we have a very special interview for you! Paul Blayney is a Videographer and Photographer from London, England and is currently traveling and working in New Zealand and Australia. Paul is also about to become one of our regular writers as well! While he is on the road he is constantly writing about his experiences we are super excited to have him on board! Paul is currently in New Zealand we caught up to find out all about his travels and where he is planning on going next!



Hello Paul tell us about yourselves and three random facts?

My name is Paul Blayney, I’m a filmmaker and photographer from South London. I’m half English and half Kiwi, I’m a big nerd and I love to run.

So how did your love for travel come about?

I’ve always wanted to do lots of travelling but due to some decisions earlier in life I haven’t been able to do much until the last few years. My mum and dad have both travelled a lot and have always told me stories from far away places. My mum is from New Zealand and my dad spent some time growing up in Ghana. So I think it’s in my blood.

Cathedral Cove, NZ

Cathedral Cove, NZ Credit:Paul Blayney

How did you get into blogging about travel?

I wanted another platform where I could show off my photography skills and the awesome adventures that I go on. I take loads of pictures and also make travel videos. Travel videos take a lot of time to edit though, so I tried to come up with an alternative for when I’m a little short on time.

How many times do you tend change countries and cities?

I haven’t changed countries that often to be honest. I came to New Zealand originally to visit family and get to know where my mum came from. Since then I have travelled all around New Zealand (twice) and been around a lot of Australia.

What are your favourite things about travelling and exploring the world?

I love seeing new landscapes and capturing them. Whether that’s through film, photography or drawing. I can’t get enough of the landscapes in New Zealand in particular. Just when I think it’s shown me all it can I see something else that takes my breath away.


Cape Reinga Lighthouse, NZ

Cape Reinga Lighthouse, NZ Credit: Paul Blayney

What is the most challenging thing about travelling?

Trying to stick to a budget and not miss your friends and family too much. It’s easy to spend way too much money on exciting excursions and fun things, you just have to be mindful of the fact that if you do that, your money won’t last forever. Missing friends and family goes without saying, it’s hard being away from them for so long.

You tend to write about a lot of different areas of travel as well – how do you decide what to cover?

I just choose a place I have been and I try to write about my experiences there. It could be that I met up with some old friends, or that I am seeing a totally new place or experiencing a completely new thing. I try to write about how I felt when I was in the place I am writing about rather than just what there is to do.

You must of met a lot of interesting people on your travels as well?

I have met so many amazing people from all over the world. Staying in hostels, campsites and with locals has really expanded my field of friends. I love getting to a new hostel in a new town and talking to people about their journey and who they are. It is really tough when you have to say goodbye to people though. You just make some amazing friends who you have a connection with and then it’s time to move on. Everyone unfortunately is on their own journey and will be going in their own direction.

Driving in Cape Le Grand National Park, Western Australia

Driving in Cape Le Grand National Park, Western Australia Photo Credit: Paul Blayney

Why do you enjoy writing about travel?

I just enjoy writing in general, I’ve always kept little notebooks and written down random poems or thoughts. This is just a more public version of that. And seeing as I am seeing all these cool things, I might as well write about those!

What are some of the best travel tips you have been given and why?

My cousin Ashley has done a lot of travelling and before I left he gave me a whole list of travel advice. The best ones I think are write a packing list before you leave, then half it. You won’t need all that stuff. Always travel your way, don’t change your plans completely for other people, you can alter them slightly but stick to your path. And always bring a towel.

Lake Matheson, NZ

Lake Matheson, NZ Photo Credit: Paul Blayney

What have been your top three places you have visited to and why?

This is a very hard question which I don’t think I can fully answer. I’ve really enjoyed so many different places for so many different reasons. Doubtful sound was a big highlight as it’s a natural wonder. Wellington is an amazing city because of the people and atmosphere and the Coromandel area in New Zealand has beautiful beaches and I have met some amazing people there.

What are three items you cannot live without when you are travelling?

My camera, my laptop and my universal plug adapter! My camera should be obvious as I have a photography/filmmaking website and the laptop and plug adapter are just accessories to that. Oh and headphones, can I have 4?

Lupins at Lake tekapo, NZ

Lupins at Lake tekapo, NZ Photo Credit: Paul Blayney

Also you take a lot of photos on your travels – what is your advice about taking the best pictures on holiday?

I always have my camera or phone with me ready to capture memories and amazing images. It depends what you want to use the photos for but the best advice I have is to think about framing. How does the picture look? Have you tried different angles or a different location. Don’t just take pictures exactly where everyone else is. Try a low angle or from a different vantage point.

What is the future for you, where do you hope to of visited in the next 5 years?

I have a sort of list but I’m not that strict with myself. I tend to go with the flow and see where I end up. A friend might invite me to stay or travel with them somewhere. That often influences where I will go and what I will do.

With the advancements in technology, how do you think travel will evolve in the future?

I hope air travel will get faster and cheaper (and ideally better for the environment).That way I can visit loads more places with a lot less money! A little selfish I know but I’m sure others will benefit from this as well


Mount Eden, Auckland, NZ

Mount Eden, Auckland, NZ Photo Credit: Paul Blayney

With Coronovirus spreading at the moment, are you finding it hard to travel about, have there been any places you have wanted to go that you have had to change your plans?

I’ve been in New Zealand the whole time since the outbreak so I have been fine so far. However I need to book flights to both Australia and Europe this week so I am hoping it won’t affect what I am able to do

If people want to find out more about you both where can they follow you?

They can follow me on instagram @blayneypaul or facebook Paul Blayney Photo and Video and at my website

 In Three words why should people read your website?

Photography, adventure, travel

Punehu Falls, The Catlins, NZ

Punehu Falls, The Catlins, NZ Photo Credit: Paul Blayney

To find out more about Paul head to his website by clicking here


Feature Photo: Hiking the Kepler Track, NZ, Photo Credit Lee Steenbergen

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