The Travel Book – 1802 Brasserie, Besançon, France

It is not hard to find good food in France but in Besançon we actually had difficulty finding a restaurant that was actually friendly and not rude. Yes this actually happened and we had to walk out of a place because the people that worked their treated us terribly and I think that is was because of the fact Brexit had just been confirmed it was definitely going ahead, I hate to say it but it really felt like it. Anyway, we walked out of that restaurant having an awful time and after some walking around and time later we were able to discover somewhere which made me happy the rudeness actually happened so we discovered this place.


1802 is a restaurant located in Place Granveille on 2 Rue Lacore, in the centre of Besançon – the restaurant is called this number because it is the year that French Poet and novelist Victor Hugo was born. He was actually born in the town so it is a iconic part of the areas history so it is only right that one of the local brasseries celebrates that.

The restaurant is home to an array of food and also tries to cover for everyone including vegetarians as well. There is an area that is located to eating and a bar that is there for if you just want a drink instead. The brasserie looks onto a grassy area with trees (where the Christmas market is in December) so you have a lovely view.


So, why should you visit this restaurant? Well, the food is very good. It may seem a tad pricey to other places in the area but that it is not a bad thing, you pay for a fantastic service and it really delivers. All the food is delicious, the staff are very welcoming and you will leave with a smile on your face.


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