Improv Diaries – There Is A Wind Of Change… [Case Study: Leslie Knope]

This week I returned to Improv after a week and a half’s break, the last time I did any improv was when I was in Chester. You will remember from the last post I discussed that I was feeling lost with the world of improv and what I want to do. I found going to Chester helped a lot and as I said last time, it helped to make me feel refreshed.

This week after a good break, the Phoenix Players returned to discuss the show that we are doing in March – it is funny, sometimes talking and planning a show can excite me and refresh me as much as actually doing improv with new people.

This week was all about planning what our set was going to be about in March, from that one evening of planning it has started to make me feel optimistic and happy again about improv. I haven’t felt it in a long while but I think having a break may of helped out as well.

I see on the Facebook groups all the time about people loving improv but scared to take a break but you know what, I think it has actually been a good thing for me, it has allowed me to focus on other things in my life I haven’t paid as much attention to. It has allowed me to not worry about the next show I need to be at but actually has allowed me to book as many music gigs as I like and enjoy others performing in their field. It has allowed me to not have to organise a group of people and get frustrated when people can’t turn up to rehearsals or don’t put the effort in.

Whilst there has been negative thoughts about improv in the last few months, meeting up this week after a break has made me realise that the break has actually helped. Saying that, I am not going to dive in and do all those things and responsibilities I had last year, but the fact that I have had a chance to take a step back, see what I have and focus on what I love I feel has been really important to allow me to develop and progress in improv.

Case Study – Leslie Knope 

I have been watching Parks and Recreation at the moment – the wonders of SKY now having a comedy channel means that they have a lot of US comedy including this show. I have seen this show a number of times, and it is just a fun show. The one thing I really like about it is the strong, confident and determined character of Leslie Knope.

It is only when I watch this show that I realise that I have a lot in common with this character – just like Leslie I am an extremely hard worker, multitask to the max, put work first and when I am interested in something I put my heart and soul into it to commit.

I feel watching this recently has also been a thing that has started to push me again in a sort of way – I feel watching the character it has made me realise that all the things I want to do like playing instruments in improv shouldn’t be a nervous barrier, they should be a positive result. I feel I am coming out of this rut and I think this shows positive vibes is one of the reasons that it is also happening.

It reminded me that no matter how hard something seems, no matter how challenging life gets I will defeat those barriers and do what I want to do and pursue my dreams and ambitions no matter what they are in. Why? Because I am Holly frickin’ Bartolo

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