Improv Corner

Improv Corner – Embrace New Ideas

When you are part of an improv team one of the most important parts of it is planning and working out formats and deciding what you want to do as a team. Admin may be the most ‘dullest’ part of being part of a team but these meetings are a great way to come up with new ideas. When you are in these meetings you end up bouncing about ideas, some are good, some are bad but in regardless to what they are, embrace your team ideas.

Ok, so let’s not be realistic here, some ideas won’t be great but if you sit in a meeting being like Simon Cowell and being negative towards any idea that isn’t your own, it isn’t going to get you far, instead it could create a negative vibe on your team. Being negative could lead to team meetings not happening as often as they should, which is not a good thing. Whether an idea is good, bad, big or small take a note of all of them no matter how great they are. Positive energy is what makes an improv team work.

Even if some of the ideas don’t work or are not great, if you take note of them in a notebook you can come back to them at a later date and maybe remix them into something wonderful.

It is always important to have a minute taker at improv group meetings because you will forget ideas later if you don’t out them somewhere.

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