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Welcome to a feature on the Phoenix Remix where we give you the latest news from the improv and comedy scene. No matter how new or well established your group is, will be posting about shows, podcasts, information and everything in between fortnightly. Here is this weeks latest news bulletins in the improv and comedy world.


The Importance of  Being… Earnest?

say it again

After a successful London preview at the Pleasance, Islington, Say It Again, Sorry?’s new show The Importance of  Being… Earnest? will be touring the UK in 2020. This is a show that is different every night and the ENTIRE audience end up on stage. With the production hanging by a thread due to a constant flow of disappearing actors, the audience are offered the opportunity to express their inner Lady Bracknell in order to save the show. By the end, the entire audience are cast, honing their Wildean wits and holding onto their handbags in a performance that’s always different and puts everyone centre stage for one glorious finale.” The show will run between the 10th-15th March  For more informationclick here 

Improv Comedy at Leicester Comedy Festival

tiny stories

Leicester Comedy Festival, one of the biggest comedy events in Europe, has been brilliant for improv this year with local teams Tiny Stories performing their first comedy festival show at the amazing Y Theatre and The Same Faces having 6 shows across the festival.

Improv shows from across the country are also part of LCF including the wonderful Between Us, Improlectuals, Crime Scene Improv, Improvised Funeral among many more! The festival will be rounded off with the always hilarious Improv Smackdown piting improvisers from across the country against each other to see who will be crowned champion – Charlie Gascoigne from Sheffield will be defending her crown against challengers including Leicester’s very own improv superstar Hannah Platts! Check the LCF website for details:

Kentprovisers Unite! 

Here in Canterbury we are gathering Kentprovisers from all over Kent for our event with Canterbury Improv. We teamed up to get a network of performers.
Monday 17th February, 7.30pm in Keynes College, University of Kent. Free entry.
2 matches… in each, two teams but only one winner. Catch YOUR winner!
You take two teams of brutish, brash bands of idiotic, charmingly hilarious improvisers, a referee team, a dash of light and a dollop of sound, a regimented clock, and a three-quarter boxing ring … and you get Catch Impro.

 £10,000 for Improv Comedy Oral History

The Curious Network CIC has received a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant of £10,000 for an exciting heritage project, Improbable Missions, in Nottingham. Made possible by money raised by National Lottery players, the project will record an oral history of MissImp, the longest-running open Improv community. This will then be used to produce a fascinating documentary podcast telling MissImp’s story.

New act added to The Phoenix Remix Live!


We are excited to announce that Cluster A Science Fiction improv are joining The Phoenix Remix Live show in March. The group were formed after attending a Sci-Fi improv course with Katy Schutte. They do longform, grounded improv that is story and relationship based with a twist of Sci-Fi. The team is formed of improvisers with different backgrounds that all came together because of a love for Sci-Fi and a wish to bring it to a stage. You can book your tickets here 


New Long Form Jam in London

big smoke comedy

Big Smoke is starting a new long-form jam. Our first event is Monday 2nd March. We aim to put together three one-night only teams. Hopefully, one of those three teams will perform a Harold as a finale. Find out more here 

Auditions for The Parentheticals 

2018 Parentheticals Brighton Fringe Improdyssey banner

The Parentheticals are auditioning.

If you’re a woman or non-binary player looking for an improv adventure, then send them your info.

Deadline: midnight, Sunday 23rd Feb.

New Courses in Bristol


The Bristol Improv Theatre is launching a range of new courses at the beginning of March including intro to performing, singing improvised songs and approaches to scenework. All courses here:

New Improv Web Series 

Episode 1 - Vampire - Thumbnail

How To Date A Magical Creature is a series devoted to providing dating tips to humans on how to date magical creatures. What’s the etiquette when out with a vampire? Should you let Death give you a kiss goodbye on the first date? Is Santa single these days? These questions and others are answered in full in the 7-part limited series How To Date A Magical Creature launched on Valentine’s Day 2020.


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