Improv Corner – Jump Into The Scary

When you are first starting out in improv, it can be a scary place – whilst you develop over time and it doesn’t feel that terrifying anymore it is still important to feel challenged oherwise what you are doing will start to feel boring and stale to you. So why not dare yourself to jump into the scary.

As an improviser, I am always trying to find new ways to challenge myself, whether it’s performing a style I am nervous of or even if it is something as simple as trying a new character on stage. I always feel initially nervous but it pushes you to do lots of new and exciting things.

The few moments before you go on stage to do this can be the most craziest few minutes and can really make your palms sweaty and have a weird gut feeling. When you perform on stage you feel the nerves go away but there is nothing like an adrenaline rush of that first performance.

We may fear the scary but the scary is what pushes us to be better improvisers.

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