Improv Corner – Put Others First To Shine

Everybody loves being in the lime light when they are on stage and thre can be a time where we feel the urge to jump into the spotlight and be the main star on the stage and hog the attention. However, allowing others to shine can actually lead to you performing better and connecting more with your audience.

Improv is all about give and take – the best scenes allow all improvisers to have a fair share of the stage tp create a fantastic improvised world.

Sometimes in a scene or a set, it is more important to put other improvisers stage time before yourself. If you see a narrative in a scene is surging more towards a certain character, allow it time to develop, if it means that you can’t be part of that scene for that long, it doesn’t matter you have to put the audience first and they will really aprpeciate that.

Sometimes it is a really hard decision to make to leave the stage because, well, you don’t want to as you are enjoying the love of the audience. Sometimes you have to and again putting that hard decision first is something that can really heighten a scene.

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind to yourself but if it leads to a great response from the audience, trust me it is worth it.

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