In The Games Corner – Scrapyard Dog, Atari 7800

Everyone loves dogs so I thought why not have a look at one of the earlier games based all around the canines. Scrapyard Dog is based around the story that Mr Big has kidnapped Louie’s dog called Scraps and you have to try and find him and save the day! If you do not find the dog then the local scrapyard is then taken over by a bunch of local thugs.

Scrapyard Dog was released in 1991, it was developed by BlueSky Software and published by Atari Corporation. The computer game was a side scrolling platform game where you had to complete 17 different stages to try and get the dog back.

Along the way in this game you come across a number of enemies such as Gangsters, rats and even mice. To fight off these bad guys you have bombs you can through at them and even a shield that protects you as well. Throughout the game there are up to sixteen checkpoints, you must reach these in a certain amount of time.

Whilst it sounds like a simple concept (and it was as this is early nineties gaming) this game was welcomed with warm reviews. People stated that even though the game concept was basic, it was good fun for all ages and was scored 7/10 by Atari Gaming Headquarters.

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