Improv Diaries – Big News Announcement!

A new year means a lot of new changes so lets get to it – In October of last year, Punderstandably decided to call it a day after 3 years. Even though we celebrated our birthday in September we really formed in January of 2017, we chose the later month as our birth date because that was when our big line up first happened. It wasn’t like a bad break up it was all amicable but we all have a lot on that we just couldn’t commit. The others are doing great and they are all doing wonderful things whether its performing awesome improv with others, saving the world (quite literally) or acting on stage. Thank you for spending the time coming to see us but never fear there is so much more improv happening around so keep an eye out!

2020 I want to focus on looking at improv in a different angle – I am not sure what that is at the moment but I want to try and focus on taking improv and making it something new – even if it is just for me. The first way I am doing that is by hosting a number of Phoenix Remix Live nights throughout the year.

I am super excited by this because I want it to be a place to showcase talent – whether it is improv, stand up, sketch or music. I want to create a night that represents the website as a whole but also creates a fun night and maybe introduce the new audiences to improv.

The final part of news is that with all these nights, I wanted a brand new house team so please welcome to the Phoenix Remix Family, The Phoenix Players. I wanted to have a house team for every night we do a show. I am not going to define the style in what we do as we aim to change it completely for every show. Also, unlike other improv troupes I also don’t want to put faces to the team – this was a decision by the house team as well  the main aim of this group is to focus on the improv not on the players. From listening to Billie Eilish and reading about what she did for the release of one of her albums she had an interactive event for the release where you ‘experience’ the music – that is sort of what I want this team to be.

So, be prepared there is a lot of interesting things happening this year and whilst I may not be doing improv every week there will be a lot to talk about.

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