In The Games Corner – The Simpsons Hit + Run, Playstation 2

I saw an article the other day where it was busy debating whether there was going to be a remastered version of Hit and Run for PS4. Whilst there is no confirmation as to whether this is true, it got me thinking about the original game – so lets have a look at it today.

The Simpsons Hit + Run was released near the end of 2003, it was developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Vivendi Universal Games. The games aim was to be a different approach to the gaming world that The Simpsons Road Rage took and look more at a game style that was similar to Grand Theft Auto.

The main game is focussed around The Simpsons Family and thei friend Apu as they all find weird and unusual things happening in Springfield due to aliens Kang and Kudos. Such things as Buzz Colas new flavour is creating insanity. The aim of the fame is to complete missions to save Springfield.

Throughout the game you can play as many characters inclufing The Simpsons family and Apu. Each of the has their own way of fighting against the enemies. Throughout the game you collect Itchy and Scratchy cards, if you collect all seven cards in one area, it unlocks a video.

Th game received a majority of prositive reviews, the responses were to the bugs in teh game play that happened throughout. It won a couple of awards and also sold over three million.

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