The Phoenix Remix Live! – INTERVIEW – John Hardy

On the 14th January, The Phoenix Remix is hosting it’s first ever live show and over the next few weeks we sit down with some of the acts that are performing at the show to find out more about them and what they have in store for the audience. Today we talk to stand up comedian John Hardy.

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Hello tell us about yourself and three unknown facts!

As a kid I won a bike in a shoe shop, that I didn’t even buy shoes from

I once did a musical duet in a shower with Bradley Walsh, he was naked and I was in a full rubber suit, cleaning the drains.

In the 90’s I accidentally tried to sell tickets to KWS for a gig that they had arrived to headline

You are performing at the first ever Phoenix Remix Live how are you feeling about it?

I cannot wait, I feel very lucky to be selected and I have booked as many gigs between now and then as I can, so I can bring the best 8 minutes to that stage that I have in me.

What do you have in store for the audience as part of your set?

True but silly stories, some one-liners, maybe a bit of character work, essentially a lot of energy and as many laughs as I can per minute!

Why did you decide to do the show?

I played at Hoopla as my first London TwoProv gigs and I loved the venue and the people. I know Holz and so I know the line up will be amazing and it is nice to have to do a gig where you get to raise your game.

What are some of your favourite parts of the Phoenix Remix website and why?

I am a comedy geek, I have watched every SNL at least once (as an example of my geekiness), I love all styles of comedy, and I do not watch anything else. So the Phoenix Remix seems to have been built for me. The comedy news is nice to check in on to keep up to date on gigs etc. However, I love the comedy clicks, life lessons from sitcom, and obviously the awards when I get good enough to be nominated 🙂

how do you warm up for a Show?

It starts the night before where I mentally rehearse my set, then the morning of the gig I spend all my time thinking about how I will physically deliver it. Just before I go on (so the 30 minutes or so before), I try and picture my favourite comedy actors and comedians, like I am summoning all the things I like about them before I go on stage. If I start to suffer nerves, then I use a technique where I think about my fingers in details, not sure how it works, but it takes me to a calm place.

how do you get inspiration for the jokes you write?

I write from true events, often I use improv to help me find the funny stories or viewpoints I hold and then I write from those. Recently I was challenged to write one-line jokes, and the only way I could do this was to start with truth as well.

it is the month of January what are your new years resolutions for your improv this year?

I want to get back out and train with Annoyance, to help me find the huge character I can be on stage. My goal is to do more things that make me uncomfortable, so music and singing has to be on the agenda.

The show is also raising money for charity arts 4 dementia – why should people donate?

My Grandad had dementia, and although it should have been sad to watch, the care he was given by the doctors and the nurses, combined with his sense of fun, made it as positive an experience as that can be. However some people do not have that outlook in life, or they are not lucky enough to have family support, or even now good medical support. I passionately believe that with the right care some of the edge can be taken off of this harrowing disease and that Arts 4 Dementia deserve all the support they can get for helping.

If people want to find out more about you where can they find you on social media?

Three Words why people should come to phoenix remix Live?


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