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The Travel Book – The Power of Tea!

This will be by far the most British travel article you will get from me but I feel it deserved an article as it is a really important thing…. Not just to me but I would say this opinion would be from a lot of Brits as well – there is nothing better then the first cup of tea when you arrive back in the country after a few weeks abroad. 

I don’t know if it just me but tea abroad does not taste right – either the milk is different, the tea bag isn’t strong enough or it is either something like Earl Grey only available and everytime I drink it abroad I do not enjoy it and makes me question why I even like tea in the first place! Over the years I have learnt to adapt to drinking coffee (which is far superior a lot of the time abroad) and hot chocolate if I am that desperate for something warm (my favourite place to drink this was Switzerland in winter, it make all the difference in freezing cold weather and there is something festive about it in the snow as well). 

So why write a travel article about tea? I drink about 2-3 cups on average a day and when you drink it day in day out a lot of the time you just drink it and don’t really acknowledge what it is. I have just been abroad travelling for nearly 3 weeks and in that time had no tea, which I miss but I refuse to have tea that will make me sad. So that first cup of tea I had when I got back to England was pure nectar, on a normal day it wouldn’t really have that impact as it was pretty average and maybe a tad less stronger then I usually have but it was bliss.

It is funny just that one drink of tea to me makes me feel like home, it’s like a cosy comfort blanket and you forget how much you can miss a beverage.

I know… A silly little article but the world of travel returns next week I promise!!

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