Media Madness!

NEW FEATURE: Media Madness – The Big Top 50!

Welcome to a brand new feature that is going to be your regular Tuesday lunchtime article! Due to the popularity of Question Roulette the past few years, I thought it was time to jump to another book with lots of questions. This time the book is called Music Madness Mayhem – the book covers everything from film, television, music, and much more! So every week we will be covering questions from the book until we run out! I am not going to number them this time as I am going to be doing the book in a random order! I thought to kick off the new year with a bang as well as the first article we would start with this topic!

Topic of the week – Top 50 Bands

When thinking about this I specifically only wanted to include bands and not musicians so if this was an ultimate list some of these would not feature. I wanted to approach this question as if I had to listen to only 50 bands again who would it be. It was a really hard list to write actually, I listen to a lot of music and once I had written bands i listen to a lot (maybe too much) it was really hard to think of others. Then when I typed this out I realised that I repeated five and had to think of more.

They are in no particular order although the top 5 are some of my favourite bands but again in a random order. Also i attached one of my fave songs for each band as well.

  1. Panic! At The Disco
    I love this song as it is so beautiful especially as a piano version stripped back, I also adore playing it as well on the keyboard. I love Panic! and have right from the first single. They revolutionise their sound every album and now Brendan Urie is taking the group to new heights and I love it so much.

  2. Angels & Airwaves
    Tom Delonge is one of my heroes so it was only natural that I fell in love with Angels and Airwaves. I love a lot of their music but I really enjoy this song because of the piano that is used throughout.

  3. Marianas Trench
    This is another band that are one of my favourites and this is one of my all time favourite songs and I adore this track much I never get bored of it, in face I find it gets more addictive the more you listen to it.

  4. Blink-182
    This is a song off their latest album NINE and it is wonderful – the instrumental part near the end is so well done that you can feel the emotion in it. I have liked Blink-182 since I was a teenager, it took me a while to get used to the new line up but their latest album completely revolutionised this.

  5. Zebrahead
    This song has always been one of my favourites of Zebraheads it is super catchy and also just a really good song. I really like this band because of the way that they combine rap with strong guitar riffs, it is just genius.

  6. Fall Out Boy
    I fell into liking Fall Out Boy at some point at school, I can’t remember but I think it was to do with the song Dance Dance. I adore their humour in their earlier music videos and used to watch them on repeat a lot. I really love this song and I think it was the first song by them I truly loved. This is the song that made me buy their back catalogue. Also this site is named and dedicated to one of their songs if you didn’t know that already, so yeah, it is safe to say I like this band (and Pete Wentz has THE best Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo).

  7. Simple Creatures
    I always end up liking Mark Hoppus side projects as they always tend to have a really intersting sound to them. When I heard the news that he was teaming up with frontman of All Time low Alex I was especially interested to see what they produce and I love the fact that it is so different to their own bands work.

  8. Simple Plan
    This song I enjoy but it also makes me laugh because the first time i listened to Simple Plan was when I bought the album – the reason I bought the album? Mark Hoppus appeared on a song and that was enough to convince me to buy it. Great decision and it was a really great album.

  9. Green Day
    Green Day are another band like Blink-182 that I have adored since I was a teen and actually I taught myself guitar through their songs. I also had a DVD which had all their music videos on it and I used to watch them on repeat a lot – I was (and still am) obsessed with music videos. Out of all of the ones on the DVD this was one of my favourites and I also really like the song as well. I feel it is completely underrated and that is also why I adore it.

  10. Kasabian
    I was never a fan of Kasabian until I got dragged along by my friend to see them live – seeing them perform live my opinion of them completely and utterly changed – the were phenomenal and I became an instant fan. I really enjoy this song and it is definitely one of my favourites.

  11. Alkaline Trio
    I have only really started to listen to Alkaline Trio properly recently however this song I have been listening to for years. I think I had it on a CD I got with Kerrang! Magazine so it was on repeat again and again. Even listening to it now, I still really enjoy it.

  12. Falling In Reverse
    I can’t remember how I came across Falling In Reverse but I think it was through Spotify new music. Since listening to that first song I became addicted and went straight to their profile and downloaded all their music I really like the mix of heavy and light rock. They have some really catchy songs and this is one of my favourites.

  13. My Chemical Romance
    The first song I ever liked of My Chemical Romance was Helena and as time went on I started to like a lot of their music – The Black Parade was a fantastic album and the first one of theirs that I liked every song on. I love this song so much – the lyrics are really uplifting and it is one of those songs that is just so powerful that the more you hear it the more you love it and want to sing along.

  14. I Don’t Know How But They Found Me
    I came across this group due to Panic! At The Disco advertising them on their Facebook page because one of the members is a past member of the band. This was the first song that I listened to and I really enjoyed it. I really liked it because it was different to anything else that I was currently listening to and the EP that came with it is also great. Worth a listen.

  15. You Me At Six
    I have always enjoyed You Me At Six music and their new stuff is fun because it is different and constantly changing style. This song I really enjoyed the comedy in the music video and also when you listen to it over and over again it becomes quite addictive.

  16. Muse
    I have always adored Muse, I feel bad because I don’t listen to them as much as I should but their albums are phenomenal and experimental and are really so unique. This has been my favourite Muse song for years I love it, the chorus is just so addictive and it is a song that needs to be played out loud.

  17. +44
    I always felt sad that this band never returned after one album because it was such a great track and I listened to it so much. I think this is one of Mark Hoppus best pieces of work and it always makes me sad it never continued because Blink-182 reformed. Saying that I do hear essence of this band in a lot of their newer stuff but still I feel this band were highly underrated.

  18. Cobra Starship
    This is a band that I found through Pete Wentz as they were signed to his record label and one say I decided to check out what bands he was in charge of. Since listening to their first song I have been really interested in this band as their songs are fun and have a really unique sound to it.

  19. 30 Seconds To Mars
    This band are phenomenal and this is by far the best song of theirs and the video that goes with it is fantastic as it has a narrative making it fell like a mini movie. This song was the first one I liked of this band and even to this day it still is because it is just amazing.

  20.  3OH!3
    I have always liked 3OH!3 as their sound is so different and their albums are also very addictive. They have some really fantastic albums and they are all very different in their manner. I think my favourite album is Streets of Gold and this is one of the songs off that album which I really like, also I like the music video I think it is really creative.

  21. New Politics
    Like a lot of the music I listen to, I came across this through Pete Wentz as they are on his record label and this was a band that he was promoting on his social media. There are some songs by New Politics that are highly addictive and this is by far my favourite. It was also used a lot in Jimmy Fallon promos and that is also where I heard it too. A very catchy song.

  22. The All-American Rejects
    From the first single of Swing Swing I have really liked The All-American Rejects, although thinking about it I have never heard their first album in it’s entirety! All the other albums I own and have listened to for years. I just like the music that they create and this is one of my favourite songs as I am sure it is for most people.

  23. Kids In Glass Houses
    I got into this band very late and I wish I had discovered them sooner as their music is so good. Their albums are so addictive and their songs are fantastic both lyrically and musically. It was really hard to choose between this song and Not In This World but this one won because it hasn’t been listened to as many hundred times as the other song.

  24. Linkin’ Park
    This was a band that really got me into rock music in the first place and they have so many amazing songs. There is and never will be a band like Linkin’ Park and it still makes me so sad about Chester Bennington not being with us anymore. Such a talented individual and there music is phenomenal.

  25. Pulp
    It was only a few years ago I started listening to Pulp albums in their entirety and their storytelling in their albums is like no other – it is exquisite and really engages the listener. There will always be one song that they released that was my favourite and this is it.

  26. 5 Seconds Of Summer
    I had a real issue with this band when they first came out as they were in rock magazines but sounded more like pop but over time they have grown on me a lot and now I really like their music. One of their songs that I really liked and got addicted to was this one below, it is so catchy/

  27. Halestorm
    I got introduced to this band by an old friend because they knew I liked rock music and thought I would be interested in this band. I went full in and started listening to the albums and liked what I heard. I don’t listen to them very often but I like this song alot.

  28. Dropkick Murphys
    This is one band that I dip in and out of a lot as I really enjoy their songs as they have a really fun sound. This song in particular is one of my favourite songs and it never gets boring. Always reminds me of Boston and skating because that is where I heard this song first.

  29. The Transplants
    When I was growing up I had a Punk-O-Rama CD as I really wanted to listen to as much American Punk Rock as I could but with no access to the internet, it meant that I had to rely on buying CDs from HMV to really try and be part of the music lifestyle. Being in the UK, it meant that you couldn’t really access the American punk rock scene very easily and it was all I wanted to listen to so I bought this album and that was the first time I came across the Transplants. I really like their sound, I am a huge fan of Travis Barker and Tim Armstrong so this band made sense to me. This is the first song that I heard of theirs and I still enjoy it.

  30. The Lonely Island
    They may be a band that are comical but they are also one of my favourites as well – I love their take on hip hop / rap music and I really adore listening to them as their rhyming and comedy is just hilarious. There are so many songs that I adore by them but I really like this one a lot and it is all because of Andy Sandberg – only he could make a verse about a grave plot so serious, so comedic at the same time and it makes me laugh so much.

  31. Bastille
    I wrote about Bastille’s album for this website and from listening to that track I started to really enjoy their music. Their style is very different to the normal stuff I listen to so it is nice to hear their music as their lyrics are really interesting.

  32. Air Traffic
    I came across this band at the end of college in 2007 and I loved the fact they used piano predominantly through their music. Whilst they may not make much music anymore, their Fractured Life album is amazing, this is one of my fave songs of theirs.

  33. Backstreet Boys
    Like many people, I have been listening to Backstreet Boys for as long as I can remember, they were a huge staple of my childhood and even now I enjoy their music. They are fantastic live and their albums are very good. There are so many songs I like of theirs but I think this is one of their most recent songs that I enjoy.

  34. Pretty Reckless
    I hae Gossip Girl to thank for me discovering this band and it was all because I really liked a song that played in the background of a scene with Chuck and Blair. I googled the scene and was really surprised to find that it was Taylor Monsem from the show that fronted the band. Their albums are fantastic and I really enjoy lisetning to The Pretty Reckless but this still remains my favourite song.

  35. Oasis
    My mum introduced me to Oasis from a very young age and I remember singing to them for as long as I can remember. This band have some fantastic songs that are still so powerful in todays society. Morning Glory is my favourite album of theirs and it is the home of some of their best music. I am going to put a different song on this list though because I really like the music video. 

  36. Prodigy
    The Prodigy have some fantastic music and their songs are really fun to listen to – you have to be in the mood to want to listen to them but that is irrelevant they are great. This is one of my favourite songs of theirs  and just like their other music, it is addictive.

  37. All Time Low
    I adore All Time Low and there is no particular reason why they are so low down the list, I think it was because I thought I had them already then realised I didn’t. I really like this band they have so many great songs and their albums are a delught to listen to. I adore this song. This is also the song that lead me to listening to the band.

  38. Bowling For Soup
    Bowling For Soup were one of the first bands I saw live and they are also one of the most fun to see live – everytime I have seen them something silly has happened on stage. Their songs are comical and it is really hard not to like them when they have songs like this one. 

  39. Imagine Dragons
    I think Imagine Dragons was another band I came across when I was trying to find new music to play on Spotify. I quite like their music as they all have a heavy drumline and a really addictive guitar riff. This is a particular favourite of mine.

  40. Spoon
    I have the television show The OC to thank for a lot ot bands that I have discovered, Actually, Chuck too but since it is the same person in charge of the music I guess I should really be thanking Josh Schwartz. Spoon appeared in both of these shows and that is how I ended up really liking their music.

  41. Catfish and The Bottlemen
    Every Friday, I always check the new music playlists on Spotify and this is how I came across Catfish and The Bottlmen. I then reviewed their album for this site and that is how I can across their music. I really like their songs and their albums are worth a listen.

  42. Rancid
    I cam across Rancid the same way I came across The Transplants – i Can’t remember which one I heard first but Tim Armstrongs voice has always been one I have really enjoyed. I have always really liked Rancids take on Punk music and they have some fantastic songs.

  43. Within Temptation
    My friend introduced me to this band as he thought I would like them and he was right, I do. I am not really the biggest fan of female singers but I like this band because they are not your average woman singing lead band. Their albums again take you on a narrative journey and they are very entertaining to listen to.


  44. Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    I don’t listen to RHCP that often but I go through stages where I want to have a good ole binge on their music. There is something about this band, they are just so talented and I don’t think they have any bad songs. This is one of my favourites as I love the music construction.

  45. Neck Deep
    I cam across Neck Deep through Spotify playlist – I find this a great way of discovering new bands and I have come across some pretty fantastic ones because of this tool. I am still pretty new to Neck Deep so don’t have a favourite song but I do enjoy their music.

  46. McFly
    I don’t listen to McFly very much anymore but in their back catalogue they have some really fun songs that are nice to listen to ever so often. I quite like this song because it was such a different sound for the band when it came out. Also this whole album is the first McFly track I have liked very song.

  47. Matt Skiba and The Sekrets
    I can’t remember how I came across the Sekrets but it was halfway through 2019 I found this band. This song is super catchy and once you listen to it you sort of get the chorus stuck in your head. The album that this song comes off is also fantastic and really addictive.

  48. The Killers
    I love the first Killers album, there is no bad song on it, however a lot of their music after this album I have mixed opinions on. Sam’s Town I think was the last album that I enjoyed in it’s entirety. This particular song I started to really like when I heard it in the film How To Lose Friends And Alienate People. It has a really catchy chorus and the verses are really fun to listen to.

  49. Bad Religion
    I came across Bad Religion in two different ways – the first was through Tony Hawks games as the soundtrack was full of wonders and the second was through Simple Plan. This song was a bonus track on one of the Simple Plan Albums and I really liked their cover that it always made me want to listen to the original. This band are fantastic and I really enjoy their music.

  50. No Doubt
    I remember listening to No Doubt from an early age and I remember when this song came out it was sort of like a come back track that made them really big commercially. I really like this video, I like the use of editing and the effects and it is also a really catchy song.

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