The Phoenix Remix Awards 2019 – Comedian Of The Year – Ari Eldjárn

Welcome to this years Phoenix Remix Awards – every year as Editor I like to celebrate the talent that I have witnessed on stage and give that particular group or individuals extra promotion to introduce new audience members to them as well as also celebrate their talents. So let’s start with Comedian of the Year 2019.

New Project (6)

As well as improv I do try and see a lot of stand up comedy and for me there was only one comedian that deserved to win this. I came across Ari’s stuff through social media, I can’t remember if it was a video I  or if it was a link my friend who lives in Norway sent – either way that 2 minutes of stand up that I saw was fantastic and I knew that if he toured the United Kingdom I had to see him live.

I had come across Ari through television shows like Mock The Week but I found that it didn’t really highlight his talents unlike the video that I saw online. When it was announced that he was going to be at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe I made sure that he was one of the first tickets that I bought and I am really glad that I did.

His show was absolutely hilarious and I adored the way that it was so unique to any other comedian I had seen because it was about Icelandic life and it was just genius. You know that you have seen a great stand up show when you are still talking about it to people 4 months or so later.

Everyone that I know went and saw that show has gone away praising how funny it was and that is the signs of a great show. It is hard to come by a comedian where all their jokes are as strong as each other, but this was definitely one of those and I cannot wait to see Ari perform in the future.

Keep an eye out and make it your duty to see Ari in 2020.

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