A Taste Of British – Christmas Edition – Christmas Pudding Smoothie

Welcome to this month’s feature – we always look at the weird and wonderful snacks and fast food of America. Well, for Christmas we are going to have a look at some of the bizarre things that have hit the United Kingdom over the years as Christmas themed foods. Today we head over to London.

british taste


smoothieAt Christmas the shops are all competing with each other to outdo themselves in regards to who can do the most unusual products. In 2017, Marks and Spencers released a Christmas Pudding Smoothie. it was described as a dessert and a drink all in one. So lets have a look at what is actually in this drink with a difference.

The drink was made out of raisin puree, low fat yoghurt, skimmed milk, apple juice, apple puree, single cream and lemon juice. The drink could be purchased for 1.50 and 5% of the cost were donated to the charity Shelter.

Even though it sounds like a really unusual flavour it got positive reviews and people actually praised it for its pleasant taste. The drink was 100ml and it was 86 calories with a source of vitamin C.

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