ImproFestUK 2019 – INTERVIEW – Improv Transformations

As part of ImproFestUK 2019. Improv Transformations. A story of magical beasts, ancient powers and heroes inspired by the audience.  I caught up with Luke to find out more.

ImproFestUK 2019 – Improv Transformations


Date: Saturday 14th December

Location: Courtyard Theatre, London

Price: £11.37

Time: 6pm

Ticket Link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/improfestuk2019-improv-transformations-tickets-83062270487


Hello tell us a bit about your troupe?

I’m Luke Beahan, I have been improvising for about 10 years now. This group formed earlier this year, I held auditions and casted Jacqueline Black and Neil Goulder. We have backgrounds in musical improvising, Theatresports and long-form. We are all fans of grounded scenes and comedy that comes from emotional truth.


You are performing at Impro fest this month how are you feeling?

I am excited, it will be my first full length improv show for a number of years.


Have you performed at the festival before?

Luke has performed a couple of times as part of Luke and Michael. It’s always great fun.


What do you have in store for the audience?

Something epic and intimate



There are a lot of great acts performing what other ones are you hoping to see?

Sprout’s improvised play and Improbotics Artificial Intelligence Improvisation



It’s near Christmas as well are aiming in bringing a bit of festive cheer to your set?

We’re not sure, in improv anything can happen so if the audience is feeling Christmassy there may well be something of that in the show.




What’s the best thing about performing at a improv only festival? Is there any difference between performing at that to a normal comedy festival?

It’s a good chance to see other improv shows, especially the different formats and styles of improv.



Finish this sentence – you should see us at Impro Fest 2019 because…..

there is a story to be told that needs you.



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