The Single Sessions At Christmas – Not Another Christmas Song, Blink-182

Welcome to the feature where we look at new singles coming onto the music scene. Today we look at the latest single by Blink-182 This song joins the collections of musicians that are releasing festive songs this year, so today let us have a look at their latest Christmas song – Not Another Christmas Song.

This song opens with a guitar riff and bells chiming which make you think you are going into your standard Christmas song – but this is Blink-182 this is never that simple. This song may have a merry musical undertone but it is far from the truth of the lyrics. People commented on the fact that the Album focused on a lot of dark lyrics but this is more dark and it works well putting these words against a Christmas melody because they don’t seem that bad. I think if they put the words coffin and divorce in a normal song it would of felt very emo for the band but having this uplifting tempo it contradicts this.

The verse has a simple melody that the lyrics follow and it works really well that it gets stuck in your head. The highlights of the song are the drum solo by Travis Barker on the middle which really heightens the song and the fa la la by Matt in the chorus that again takes the song to another level and brings his style into the Blink song. The Matt appearance is brief in the song which is a shame but I think that is why the chorus really stands out. However it would of been nice to have a tad more Matt appearing.

There are some stand out lyrics on this song such as “I’m burned out like lights on a tree” and “I miss the nights we got twisted” “depressions such a lonely business” that really stand out and are hard to forget when you hear them as they are pretty poetic.

Blink are not afraid of doing a Christmas song and this is technically the third one they have done (Happy Holidays you B***** and I Won’t Be Home For Christmas) I wouldn’t say its as knocked the others off the top of the chart of being better but this is another nice edition. I liked the fact the guitar melodies brought me right back to Take Off Your Pants And Jacket album era.

Listen to if you like Christmas songs:  All Time Low, The Darkness, Mudd and Dropkick Murphys. 

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