NEW FEATURE – News In Brief: Your Latest Improv News

Welcome to a brand new feature on the Phoenix Remix where we give you the latest news from the improv scene. No matter how new or well established your group is, will be posting about shows, podcasts, information and everything in between fortnightly. Here is this weeks latest news bulletins in the improv world.

New Performance Opportunity

big smoke

The Caretakers & Big Smoke Comedy have just taken over a night in Crouch End, London. Are there any teams who would like to play with at these shows? We can be very flexible – we are open to two-prov, short-form, long-form whatever. If you can bring energy, Please message and they can book you in.

Seeking to Form New Group

Improviser Raj got in contact with us with this message.
“After being in 2 groups I dropped off the scene for childcare reasons and this year I got back into it via workshops and regular Crash Landing nights .
I would like to form or be part of a  group in 2020 , particular interested working with other carers (not just parents) who can’t commit to an intensive rehearsal schedule but would like to meet say monthly and do the odd show.
It would also give the opportunity to try something creative based on what ever they have been learning outside of Improv. E.g I have been self development and recently took part in a constellation embodiment  workshop which I feel overlaps with improv.”
To find out more please email and we will put you in contact.

If you are interested in sharing news  you can by emailing us your news to
Deadline is December 30th to get into the first post of 2020 

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