In The Games Corner At Christmas – The Grinch, Playstation One

It is a film that is shown every christmas but did you know that this was an actual computer game back in the early noughties as well. The Grinch was released early December in 200, it was developed by Artificial Mind & Movement and published by Konami.

The computer game follows a story similar to the story of The Grinch – he is constantly trying to find ways to take presents away from the Who’s to ruin Christmas by using many different gadgets. The Grinch is on the top of a number of boxes and accidentally knocks all of his blueprints down the mountain into Whoville.

The aim of the game is to receive all of the blueprints from Whoville and Who Forest and return them back to the cave. The computer game is a platform game and you jump, ground pound and use smelly breath to get through the obstacles. The game received a relatively good reception

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