Improv Corner – What’s My Age Again?

In improc scenes, doesn’t matter whether they are short form or long form, you will at some point be given an age group to play as a suggestion. Usually these come across really easily if you are playing a young child or an elderly person – most of the time you will not tend to get them for the ages in the middle unless you are given a really specific suggestion!

When you play an age group there are a couple of things that can happen – you can either forget what age you are playing and do it your own way which may not satisfy the audience or you can exaggerate the age so much that it can start to feel and look fake.  In Lee Simpson’s course, he pointed out a skill and technique that is so simple but also really helpful in this case.

Whenever you get given an age make sure that you constantly say the number over and over again in your head. This will keep your brain in the mindset of that age and make you self consciously think of this age repeatedly.

I have done this a lot in a scene over the past few years – I don’t like when I am given a child to play and I constantly try and stay in the mindset to make sure I am playing the character correctly and playing true to that age.

It is a simple technique, but trust me, it really works!


Improv Corner will return in 2020


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