Forgotten Songs!

Forgotten Songs! – This Week – In The Shadows

There are so many songs that are out there everywhere then all of a sudden they disappear and you only hear from them on cheesy countdowns run by music channels over Christmas if you are lucky.

So roll up and welcome to Forgotten Songs where we celebrate these forgotten wonders

In the Shadow – The Rasmus

There was a time when you couldn’t turn on the radio or the television without hearing this song – it was absolutely everywhere.In The Shadows was released on the 3rd of February in 2003 by the Finnish group The Rasmus. It was released under the label of Playground Music and was written by Aki Hakala, Eero Heinonen, Pauli Rantasalmi and Lauri Ylonen. The song was off of the bands fifth studio album called Dead Letters.

The song did increbibly well on it’s release all around Europe, going to number 1 in Germany, Finland, Poland and the UK in the Rock and Metal Charts. In the UK Singles chart it went to number three and it was a song that you could hear all the time on radio stations as well as on the television. There were four different music videos for the song that were the Finnish version called Bandit, the European version called The Crow, The American Version called The Mirror and the simplified version. The song was nominated for Best Single Award in the Kerrang! Awards in 2014.

The one thing that stands out to me when I think about this song is the intro – it had like a really unusual electronic beat that sounded and felt like a heartbeat – I remember when it was first released this was a sound that I found really unusual and had never heard in a song before and that is why it stood out to me so much. It was so different and unique that as soon as you heard it you knew it was The Rasmus. The chorus was another thing that stood out in this song, the lyrics were simple to remember and everyone was sinigng them – parents, children, – everyone! Well that was my experience anyway! This one song lead to me buying the album as I was excited to hear what the rest of it was like – I don’t remember listening to it very often so I don’t think I enjoyed it but that song, it still lives up to a really catchy song to this day.

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