Improv Corner – Make A Mess!

If you remember Celebrity Bake Off a while ago, you will remember James Acaster appearing and this image below that was part of the show becoming a meme. If you do not remember it well, have a look again.


It may be silly but this can be used as a great idea of both what should and shouldn’t be done when it comes to improv. I will let you be the judge of which one you prefer but here is my argument for both.

I come from a creative background and to me, this joke about his creation pretty much sums up the creative process as a whole – some of the best ideas or creations that I have had for a design or an edit or even an improv game have come from the ashes of making a mess when loosing control over something.

Ok, so whilst I am covering of the idea of messy being wonderful and that it always creates a masterpiece, we have to realise that it isn’t always the case – sometimes it can cause a complete and utter disaster. I can think of many a times w have sat down to create games and initially they sound they sound like a fantastic idea and concept – then put into practise they are a disaster.

A few games we have created have crashed and burned – whether it is because of the functions of the game not working, certain elements of the game falling apart or the audience not responding on stage or the audience don’t react – they can always crash at any moment – but that’s the wonder of testing and creating something new – the risk.

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