Improv Diaries – Halloween, Emotions About A Carpet and Candy Corn Rap…. [Case Study: Sherlock]

Every word is a metaphor – one of the first words that we are introduced to this week by Lee Simpson and I really like this saying and going to think of it a lot now when I do any sort of writing or speak in an improv scene. This week is all about focusing on items and thinking about how we feel about them and what we go beyond these emotions.

We started the lesson with our standard one word at a time warm up, doing this every week now you start to notice a lot of in depth qualities about this game and the way that people approach it. The one thing that we learnt last week was that people always tend to talk about the past or the future but never stay in the present, so this time when we did it, i was always conscious of trying to stay in the present. When you are this focused you can do it and it is really interesting to see where it can go.

The aim of this week was really take notice when we look at something, so we started by going around the room and pointing out things that we see – whether it was a screw sticking out of the wall, a window, a carpet stain etc. The next time that we look at the objects we also had to talk out loud about what we notice about the object that we are looking at.

The next two elements of this exercise I have not done before but like a lot of this course, it is taking a simple exercise and elevating it to allow you to think of the skill in a different way. This time when we looked at the object we had to speak out loud about what we wonder about how something got there and what it’s history may be and then the final part was to then express how we feel about it. A really interesting exercise.

This week Punders performed at the last Thursday Night Lights at The Nursery in London Bridge – it was a Halloween themed night and it was really fun. For our set we made each of the games horror themed twist and the highlight for me was the Greatest hits section as we did a number of songs about Candy Corn including a Heavy Metal song and a boyband. The highlight for me was the hip hop song that we did and the rapping that James and I did – it was so fun and the best thing was we were so in sync it was great how well it went.

Case Study: Sherlock

The exercise that I did this week with Lee Simpson really made me feel like Sherlock Holmes – now when I saw this I am going to specifically focus on the BBC show, I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan but this show visually makes my point if you are not.

When I was going around the room noticing things and talking about what I feel and what I wonder, it felt like I was being Sherlock Holmes and the way that he breaks down every little detail and why it reveals clues to him, is a fascinating concept and also what I felt like in this weeks lesson.

 I think this whole concept of Deduction and improv is a really interesting one and I think that it is one that can really emphasise and develop an improv scene. The next time I do an improv scene I am going to aim to use this sort of style to develop a character.

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