Improv Corner – ‘The Comfort Zone’

Back in March, I screenshot an image that the Faceboook page Imprology shared called Riiple – Centre for Wellbeing and the Image was named ‘The Comfort Zone’


Imprology, Ripple – Centre of Wellbeing “The Comfort Zone”

Now, when you look at the image you will notice there are many different levels of the Comfort Zone and how we approach or need to approach them are all very different. I found this image really interesting, especially if you look at it from an improv perspective.

I looked at this from a perspective of when you first get introduced to improv you are welcomed to a Comfort Zone, a place to feel safe and learn the basics and have fun – then the next zone also known as the Fear Zone starts to kick in when it is offered to your for the first time to perform improv to an audience.

It can be really scary initially making that approach to the stage and the nerves before your first show are terrifying. Once you have performed your first time and you are starting to feel confident it is onto the next stage – Learning.

Now, you may never leave this of the final circle as I feel they are related – the more you learn, the more you grow as an improviser. When you learn new skills you want to keep finding “purpose” to them and use them potentially to start new goals.

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