Comedy Book Corner – Sex Power Money, Sara Pascoe

I went into reading this book excited – the last book that I read by comedian Sara Pascoe I really enjoyed and found it a fantastic read. So much so that I even messaged her on Instagram to thank her for a great book that a lot of people can relate to. So when it was announced that she was releasing a new book I was very much looking forward to it – however this time I could not gel with the book.


Last time the book was focussed on female – the body, the science and everything that falls in between, this time is was focussed on the male, which I was interested to read because the last book was highly educational and intellectually researched that I was expecting the same with the second one.

Firstly let me say it was, very educational and you can tell yet again that Sara has done her research and yet again I believe that it should be used as an educational tool for students in colleges sue to the in depth topics that she goes into.

For me though? This time I couldn’t connect with this book for a few reasons – the first book had a personal touch to it because Sarah used it as a sort of autobiography where as with this one there is no real element of this that it can get a bit like a text book instead of a book you want to read voluntarily. Also whilst the first part of the book was a good read, i started to find it was a bit samey at times because it felt a bit preachy throughout. Whilst the points Sara is making are true and her opinions are correct it feels like some points are made over and over again just so she can keep commenting on it.

This isn’t a bad book, like I said it is very well written but I just couldn’t get on with it – I stopped reading two thirds of the way through and went and read two other books because I couldn’t bring myself to keep reading it and then when I returned I still couldn’t get on with it. Give it a chance it is a good read but Animals was better.

Readibility Rating: 4/10 

Written by Holly

Hello! My name is Holly and I am the Editor of The Phoenix Remix. I am a Video Editor in the Television Industry. I write this website as a hobby in my spare time. Comedy and Music run through my veins and I love writing about them both, I adore interviewing acts and always on the lookout for something new!

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