Comedy Book Corner – Sara Pascoe, Animal

I feel weird putting a book like this in a themed article called Comedy Book Corner, but it is by a comedian and I feel that it deserves to be reviewed in regardless. it is a book that you must pick up and read and it really shows you a side of Sara Pascoe you may not be aware of as well as opening the doors into one of the most intelligent and sophisticated reads that you may come across.

This book is very ediucational, in fact its so good on this particular area that I really feel from reading it that it should be put on the readin syallbus for those at college. The book is focussed on the female – the body, the science and everything that falls in between. From the reading the book you realise that Sara really has done her research and it is a topic that is passionate to her. She covers every subject you can imagine – from sex, image, boyfriends to the nitty gritty stuff such as abortion and rape which she faces head on and tackles in a way that isn’t read a lot in society and for that I praise her. The book is broken into sections with the last being about consent and with everything that is happening in Hollywood at the moment I really recommend reading this as it really is a really interesting and somtimes shocking read.

This is not a book that you would probably associate to a comedian but its fantastic, i found it fascinating and as a female a lot of the stuff i ended up agreeing with and you realise that you are not just the only one who feels that way. If you are female i highly reccomend this book as a must read and if you are a male i recommend reading this book to really gain a strong insight into the side of women you may not of thought before.

This was a very strong read and i have enjoyed every second even the parts that are hard to read at times as they are really personal to Sara. I got lost in her words and got through the book so fast that I didn’t even realise how much i had read. Heres to hoping that there is more from Sara in the future.

Readability Rating – 9/10

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