In the Games Corner – Warioware Touched! Nintendo DS

I remember the first time I laid eyes on this game, it was eitehr in college or school and this girl that I knew who was a massive gamer had this. She was one of the first people I knew to have the Nintendo DS and she was really into her gaming so I always went to her to recommend new games. I came in one morning and saw her playing it – it was like no other game I had ever seen before and once you got used to the speed of it you became addicted.

WarioWare: Touched! was released in early 2005, it was developed by Nintendo SPD Intelligent Systems and Published by Nintendo. The game was classed as  a mini game compilation video game where you had to complete lots of different micro games in the fastest time possible.

The computer game uses the touch pen to interact with the game and there are many different games where you use it to draw and link certain items and touch certain objects. Some of the games also use the microphone that is built into the console to create another interactivity.

The game has nine different stages with twenty different mini games in each level – in total the game has 180 mini games. The computer game got a really great review and was praised for it’s visual style and retro Nintendo play.

I really enjoyed this game and whilst it was frustrating at times when you were not quick enough to complete a challenge, it was still really fun. If I could play it today I really would.

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