Improv Corner – Embrace Feedback

Sometimes our biggest critics can be ourselves but sometimes we over think everything and end up creating a negative effect on ourselves. The one thing that we should always pay attention to is feedback by others – this isn’t meant to be something that is meant to make you feel bad about yourself, no, this is a great way to develop yourself as an improviser and also to see where you need to improve.

Whether the feedback is from a lesson, a drop in or even your own team feedback can be something that can take your improv from one level to the next, it can also make you realise something that you never knew before.

With Punderstandably, we brought in Suki Webster as a coach to help us develop as a team and it was one of the biggest and greatest things that we did. The one thing that I learnt from the feedback was that I have a sort of nervous tick that I sort of bop around the stage – before having the coaching I didn’t realise that I did this and from knowing it I have learnt to be self aware of it and sort of reduce my movement on stage.

Whilst the comment was one about something I was doing personally I didn’t take it as offense I used it to develop myself as an improviser. All feedback is good feedback good or bad is always nice to know and take on board to self develop.

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