Improv Corner – Favourite Improvised Lines

What is your favourite improvised line that you have done in an improv scene? It is hard to think of isn’t it? However, it is a question that I like asking improvisers that I interview because I enjoy the responses that I get from people. When you are in the moment you thin it is the funniest thing in the world and then when you walk away (unless you have recorded it or written it down) you forget.

If something has really made me laugh a lot in a scene I will write it down in a notebook for a later date. We tend to record our shows because it means that we can watch them back and realise where we need to adjust and develop a show. When I do watch it back, I don’t find certain lines I said as hilarious as I did in the moment but they do bring back good memories.

I am currently writing this in a coffee shop and I am trying to think of lines that I have done in scenes that have really made me laugh from shows I have performed in. It is really difficult to think of as they were made up on the spot – however there are a few that stick in my mind.

+ One time we played Lines From A Hat at a show we had audience members in from Spain and they put Spanish lines in and it was such a fun surprise and then Mike and I had to talk Spanish. It was such a fun scene because we were not expecting it and there was definitely a line about paella.

+ There was one pre-party when only myself and James could play and we did a game called Rhyming New Choice where we had to only make new choices that rhymed. We did a scene in a bar and I remember saying ‘Here for you is a mime’ and then performed one – such a random saying but I remember it.

+ I think out of everything the thing I remember the most is the improvised lines of the improvised songs we make up.  I think it is because it is in the style of a song I can remember it. The chorus that I made up in a heavy metal improvised song still sticks on my head ‘I’m gonna whisk you whisk you celery’ .

So, I know in theory that when I ask people that question people won’t usually have an answer but when they do, it is gold because it will only be a snippet, and lets be fair, that is usually the best bit.

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