In The Games Corner – James Bond 007: Nightfire, Playstation 2

When I was at college, I used to have a lot of male friends and in the breaks between terms they used to meet up and play computer games and ever so often I would go along and play as well because I liked playing it and it was always such a laugh (especially seeing how seriously they took it).

One of the games that these guys used to be obsessed with was James Bond – you had to try and kill your opponents as may times as possible – it was a lot of fun and the maps were  always exciting.

James Bond 007: Nightfire was released in 2002, it was published by EA Games and developed by Eurocam. It was a first person shooter game predominantly where you would play as secret agent James Bond. The game was a sequel to the game Agent Under Fire. The James Bond in the game was based on the Pierce Brosnan character and he even appeared on the front cover.

In the multiplayer game, you could play in many different locations including Fort Knox, Atlantis, Drake Castle and Skyrall. The game received a lot of positive response and sold 230,000 copies and earned $5.3 millions by mid 2006. The version of the game that got the worst response was the PC Version.

I think we used to play this on the Playstation 2, I remember it being really addictive and we got really competitive about beating each other. My favourite thing to do was hide and jump out of nowhere and attack, predominantly as a sniper hidden away it was so fun.

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