Off The Record – ALBUM FOCUS – NINE, Blink-182

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at the latest album of the band Blink-182, NINE



The First Time

This song automatically opens with a heavy drum beat that is very Travis Barker style and also in some ways echoes Feeling This on the Untitled album. Although don’t be fooled, this album is a new sound for Blink-182 and whilst that always raises alarm bells for people this actually is a fantastic thing because it was time that the new Blink became their own and this album you feel more of a balance of Mark and Matt Skibas sounds. This song is all about heavy guitars and bold drum beats and is a great introduction into the album Nine. The lyrics hint the nostalgia of old Blink whilst also completely re-inventing their sound. The chorus is addictive with a fun melody that is hard to forget in a rush.

Generational Divide

This song opens with heavy guitars with a strong rhythm that is short and sweet interlude on the album. The song to me has elements of the song 6/8 and that is a perfect combination because that song I always felt should of been on the original California album and not the Deluxe version because it was so good. They say good things come in small packages and with this song it is a very true statement.

Run Away

This song opens with a piano melody that is addictive and creates a world around this song that emphasises emotion and feeling. The muiscal melody also feels like an essence of Alkaline Trio and that is really nice to hear more in this album.  This song has a heavy guitar chorus that is full of  set of lyrics that feel contrast both shouting and emotion which make this song a really interesting listen.

Black Rain

This song to me feels like it could of easily of come off of a Matt Skiba solo album because it has a lot of his style influences in it. Combine that with the Blink-182 twist and this is everything the new Blink album is compared to the California album. With the sharp and swift musical interchanges you can not just hear but also feel the emotion in the lyrics and the music. One of the best tracks on the album.

No Heart To Speak Of

This is another stand out track on the album and yet again it is a track where you can hear the Matt Skiba influences. That is what I find really powerful about this album is that it feels like their sounds have finally merged and its not an album where they are trying to be an old Blink. Whilst it has an ideology yet again of something from the Untitled album (it reminds me of a few musical elements of Obvious or Stockholm Syndrome) this is something unique and something the band should be proud of. The Chorus is powerful and the heavy guitars and Matt sort of shout screaming it yet again creates emotion again that really hits home.

Hungover You

This song sort of starts with an electronic style which yet again echoes stylings of Alkaline Trio and this could of easily of come off of one of their albums. Yet again though, the Blink-182 element comes into the chorus to yet again re-define this genre and this band as a whole. The lyrics are poetic whilst also create a story of a dark narrative.

Remember To Forget Me

The opening of this song feels again like it has hints of the Untitled album and feels like it has a sense of Travis Barkers stylings on the Fallen Interlude. When I listen to Blink-182 albums I would never say that their strength was the final track and that there were more powerful songs throughout. I think the last song on a Blink-182 album that actually had a powerful outro essence was the Untitled album with Lost Without You. This song sort of reflects and summarises the whole album and constructively the music elements really develop and lead you on a journey that doesn’t seem possible. When listening to the California album, it made me feel like i was listening to the second album that +44 never had. This song whilst having elements of a +44 song (and the only song on the album that does) it also has strong elements of Travis Barker AND Matt Skiba’s musical background and that is why it is such a strong song. The interlude at the end is a work of art.

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